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On a sun-splashed, spring Saturday in upstate New York, Lytisha Wyatt was in her element.

Clad in a tank-top shirt, green work pants, and Muck boots, Wyatt had just come in from the fields at...


In a small corner of High Falls, New York, farming happens under the shady canopy of a forest.

Here, spring peepers sing their chirpy chorus in hopes of wooing a mate.

Within the din, stacks of 40-inch logs sit quietly,...


In 2004, Ken Greene was working at a tiny library in a small, Hudson Valley town when he got an idea: add seeds to the library's catalog.

That effort led to the creation of the first seed catalog in a public library in the country,...


Omega: Your website says, “Great cooking starts with great ingredients, and great ingredients start with great soil.” Can you explain what you mean by that?

Sue: Great soil is the basis for health in...


Ecological Literacy Immersion Program

Designing for Our Regenerative Future

A 4-Week Certificate Program

July 1-27, 2018


One of the biggest reasons I got into seed saving and started the Hudson Valley Seed Library was because of the massive cultural and agricultural erosion caused by the unprecedented...


In the United States, more than an acre of farmland is lost to development and urban sprawl every minute—while at the same time, more people need access to local, healthy food. It's an important time for farmers, processors, distributors,...