Watch as Omega Poetry Festival faculty Aja Monet reads her poem "Unhurt."

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On PBS, Garrison Keillor introduces Omega Poetry Festival faculty Marie Howe, who reads her poem "The Gate."


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In this video from the PBS News Hour, Omega Poetry Festival faculty Li-Young Lee reads his poem "Descended From Dreamers."

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Watch award-winning poet Nick Flynn from the Omega Poetry Festival as he reads his poem "Haiku (Failed)."

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Eight months shy of a hundred. And still

filled with the wonderment of a child. My grandmother

is a revelation tumbling in on itself. Songs

and secrets snaked into the creases of her smile.
Her 63-year-old hunch is...

Everything inside of you was floodlit, infinite
as daybreak. You were boisterous and bold,
sensitive and soft, arms open to anything

that would hold you. You were a cascade
of offerings. A toothy, overbite smile

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Joy Harjo is a poet and performer who has
written seven books of poetry, including
We Became Human and She Had Some Horses.
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It’s time to give up
The endless struggle to become
And accept that this is all there is
That there’s nothing more to gain or lose.
If this moment...


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