Seasonal Staff Commitment

We seek individuals who are professional and committed to providing exemplary work in support of our mission, who can live in community harmoniously, and who model our values - Holism, Community, Sustainability, Service, and Integrity.  Seasonal Staff members represent Omega as excellent stewards of professional and compassionate service.  Every interaction staff have with each other, participants, faculty and guests are at the heart of creating the Omega experience.


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Omega FoodWorks Opportunities

Omega staff

Residential (Live on Campus) Seasonal Staff

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Non-Residential (Live Off Campus) Seasonal Staff



Staff Programs

Work is your primary commitment at Omega, however during non-work hours during your employ, you may participate in select campus events, programs and classes, all supporting the process of self-discovery.  Most of these classes are open to all, though some may need special permission for admission.  Some are drop in style, whereas other require a longer commitment.

Types of Programs

Daily Open Classes – are offered for yoga, tai chi and meditation and are designed to help you relax and unwind. Whether you are a beginner or experienced practitioner, Omega's daily open classes offer a variety of practice styles.

Staff Programs -  are self-contained teachings that do not require enrollment or long-term commitment. These programs run from one to three hours. Teachers provide a selection of offerings on eclectic topics, including yoga, tai chi, meditation, and creative expression.

Samplers are short 90-minute evening workshops held on some Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are offered by some of Omega’s world renowned faculty. These evening learning opportunities are a rich addition to the seasonal educational experience.

One Complimentary Campus Workshop

Residential Seasonal Staff who serve full-season are offered attendance in one on-campus workshop. NOTE: not all workshops depicted in the online catalog are available, enrollment for each is limited, and manager approval is required.

Young woman doing yoga in a class


3 people enjoying a meal together in the Omega Dining Hall

Dining Hall

The Omega Dining Hall offers a generous buffet of hearty, mostly plant-based meals three times per day. The start of Dining Hall meals (breakfast,lunch and dinner) are announced with the time-honored tradition of blowing the conch shells. 

Dining Hall Hours:  Will be provided upon arrival to Campus

Staff Dining Hall

The Staff Dining Hall is open 24 hours per day (except for a short period of time each day for cleaning).  The Staff Dining Hall also has important information bulletin boards to keep you up to date about upcoming community events, classes, and more.

Omega Cafe

The cafe offers a selection of snacks, desserts, and beverages for purchase.


The following discounts are available to Seasonal Staff:

⦁    Omega Café – 20% off
⦁    Omega Store – 20% off
⦁    Omega Wellness Center – 20% off (10% off for your immediate family members)


Must See Places on Campus

Don't miss these popular spots on the Omega campus in Rhinebeck, NY.

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Seasonal Housing & Tenting

Residential Staff are provided with living accommodations that support one’s ability to contribute, learn, and grow while at Omega. To this end, Omega seeks to provide a well-maintained, comfortable, and safe living environment.

Omega accommodations are rustic and simple. Sample images below are representative of lodging types and may not reflect the actual room you will be assigned.

Residential Seasonal Staff

Residential Seasonal Staff members work 35 hours per week (and may require additional paid hours depending on operational needs), for the entire season. They usually live in dorm style housing with a private bedroom and shared bathroom facilities. 

Seasonal Staff housing - K-Cabin

Part Time Residential Seasonal Staff

Part Time Seasonal Staff work 21-28 hours per week, for a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks, from Mid May to late September.  Schedules vary and staff will perform a variety of tasks in support of campus operations. Part Time Seasonal Staff will assigned a tenting platform and should bring their own tent (not exceeding 10'x10').

Example of tent housing

Living on Omega’s campus is a truly special experience contingent upon one’s ability to offer professional and compassionate customer service and to act with care and respect for their living accommodations – and for the needs of fellow residents. Being conscious of others is especially important when it comes to sleep. Some seasonal staff perform tasks late into the evening, whereas others are up before dawn cooking breakfast or preparing the campus for the new day ahead. We abide by a 10pm-9am sound curfew to maintain a respectful quiet not only for our fellow staff members, but also Omega’s guests and the neighbors who live nearby. 

Seasonal Staff FAQ

Who should apply for a seasonal role at Omega?

We seek professionally minded and service-oriented people at all stages of life who strive for excellence, embrace our mission, and model Omega’s values – Holism, Community, Sustainability, Service, and Integrity. We look for individuals with the skills needed for seasonal roles, and who believe in lifelong learning, get along well with others, and are committed to serving compassionately as a means for personal growth.

What does “service” mean at Omega?

Through providing professional and compassionate customer service, we learn about others, the world, and ourselves.

  • Professional customer service is an act of doing. It requires each of us to anticipate and provide for the needs of others, embody a level of expertise specific to one’s job function, and follow a set of standards that ensure a quality experience. 
  • Compassionate service is equally important, and is a way of being. It means truly caring about another’s experience and it requires us to be fully present and engaged in every interaction. 

Omega staff members encounter endless opportunities to contribute this unique quality service.

How long is the Omega season and when can I apply?

Omega’s workshop season runs from early May through late October, with seasonal staff arriving throughout the month of May. 

Applications open on February 5, 2024 and are available on a rolling basis until the end of the season for any open positions.

What types of seasonal roles are available?

We have four primary seasonal roles that make up Omega’s Seasonal Team:

  • Residential Seasonal Staff work 35 hours per week (and may require additioanl paid hours depending on operational need), for the entire season. These positions receive a compensation package that includes a wage, indoor housing, three delicious meals per day at our mostly vegetarian Dining Hall, and access to Omega’s team member benefits. All compensation packages are at least equivalent to the New York State minimum wage. 
  • Part Time Residential Seasonal Staff work 21-28 hours per week, for a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks, from mid May to late September. Staff will perform a variety of tasks in support of campus operations allowing for the unique experience of offering service across Omega’s campus. These positions receive a compensation package that includes a wage, a tenting platform (10x10), three delicious meals per day at our mostly vegetarian Dining Hall, and access to Omega’s team member benefits. All compensation packages are at least equivalent to the New York State minimum wage. 
  • Non-Residential Seasonal Staff – live off campus and work full-time or part-time during the season. These positions receive a compensation package that includes an hourly wage, one complimentary meal at Omega’s Dining Hall during a work shift, and access to Omega’s team member benefits. All compensation packages are at least equivalent to the New York State minimum wage.
  • Greeters – live off campus and volunteer for a limited number of hours per week. Greeters receive one complimentary meal at the Dining Hall during their shift and are able to participate in specially designed staff classes, events, sampler classes, and evening performances. Greeters also have access to Omega’s library, tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts, gardens, hiking trails, and the lake. Beyond these benefits, no monetary compensation is provided.


How are position assignments made?

We hire Seasonal Staff based on matching professional skills and experience with Omega’s operational needs. While Seasonal Staff are assigned to a specific department, Omega may require individuals to assist other departments when needed. Part Time Residential Seasonal Staff are assigned a variety of shifts weekly, based on department needs. All seasonal roles at Omega require flexibility and a commitment to service.

Am I eligible to work, serve, or volunteer at Omega?

You must be eligible to work in the United States and will be required to submit documentation verifying your identity and legal right to work in the United States. This applies to all positions, including Greeter positions. Omega does not provide visa sponsorship of any kind.

NOTE: Omega participates in E-Verify and will provide the federal government with Form I-9 information to confirm that an individual is authorized to work in the United States.

Can I bring my pet with me to live on campus?

Although Omega is filled with many animal lovers, we do not permit pets to live on campus.

Is Omega an ashram, religious institution, or spiritual center?

Omega represents a variety of holistic disciplines and is not oriented toward one spiritual tradition. Omega welcomes and honors all spiritual paths. While some individuals are devoted to a personal spiritual practice, others are not. We ask everyone to be welcoming, accepting, and inclusive of diversity in all respects.

Preparing for Your Time at Omega

Omega Institute sign as seen through a patch of day lillies

Ready to join our Seasonal Staff? Below is some helpful information to help you prepare for your time at Omega.

What to Bring

Essential Items


  • personal identification (passport, license/ID,
    social security card)
  • vehicle and license plate info
  • health insurance card
Additional Items

Highly Recommend

  • personal grooming items
  • toiletries
  • bug spray, sunscreen
  • OTC cold/allergy medication
  • COVID tests
  • ear plugs

Miscellaneous Items:

  • water bottle
  • flashlight/headlamp
  • laptop
  • headphones
  • books/games/leisure activities
  • charging cables
  • laundry basket, drying rack

Allergy medicines – if you are living in a dorm or trailer and are prone to mold or mildew allergies, it is recommended that you bring allergy medications. Mildew can flourish in the damp Hudson Valley. Summer rains can create more of a problem. Those sensitive to mold and mildew should come prepared. Bringing an air purifier might also be helpful.

Any medications you are currently taking.

Tick and bug repellent – IMPORTANT NOTEThere is a high incidence of tick-related Lyme disease in Dutchess County. While here, we recommend you take appropriate precautions. Citronella oil and any of the following essential oils are useful in repelling Lyme ticks and mosquitoes, both found in the north-east woods: eucalyptus, lavender, geranium, cedar wood and tea tree.

Additional Note – If you are bringing a cell phone to campus, please note that Verizon has extremely limited service on Omega’s campus.  Better service has been found with AT&T and StraightTalk wireless providers.

Part Time Residential Staff (tenters) should bring:
  • tent (no larger than 10x10)
  • bedding (sheets, blankets, pillows,
  • towels
  • air mattress or camping cot
  • air-tight storage containers

In general you should bring clothing for all types of weather. Omega has a simple dress code: clean and neat. You may wear jeans, shorts and t-shirts. See-through clothing, revealing outfits, T-shirts with offensive comments, and ripped or dirty clothing are not permitted.

  • comfortable, tidy work clothes (no rips, stains,
    questionable language and/or imagery)
  • closed-toe shoes (non-slip for Kitchen/Cafe/
    Dining Hall staff)
  • warm coat/jacket
  • waterproof rain gear
  • sun protection
  • sleepwear and undergarments
  • socks
  • seasonal accessories: sunglasses, sandals, hats,
    gloves, scarf, etc.

Department Specific Clothing Considerations (Please reach out to your manager prior to arriving with specific questions about workplace attire)

What NOT To Bring
  • large amounts of personal property
  • valuable or luxury items
  • commercial laundry detergent (Omega provides
    eco-friendly detergent)
  • illegal substances
  • weapons of any kind (including hunting
  • candles and incense
  • pets



You will receive a detailed information packet on the date and time of your arrival after you have been offered a position.


On your arrival day, park your vehicle in the Main Lot and check in with People & Culture. Support will be available on arrival days to help staff transport their luggage to thier housing/tenting space.  Do not drive your vehicle on Omega's interior roads.  You will receive more information about parking after arriving on campus.

Late Arrivals

Please make all efforts to arrive before the People & Culture closes at 5pm.  If you arrive late, please go to Guest Services who will contact the MOD (Manager on Duty).  The MOD will help you get to your housing.  If Guest Services is closed, use the emergency call box to reach the MOD. It is important that you check in with People 7 Culture at 9am the next morning.

We look forward to seeing you on campus!

Campus Map

Seasonal Staff members traverse the campus and may encounter hilly and unpaved paths while traveling between their housing, the Dining Hall, work areas and classrooms.

If you have any mobility concerns, please email

Download PDF

Omega campus map