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All energy can change its character based on our thoughts. Thoughts affect and alter energy. Everything we see first originated as a thought—the great painter of the world. As a medium, I've intuited many times that all physical matter on Earth derives from a higher mental level. Each work of art, each invention, every new medial breakthrough...was first created in the Spiritual Realms and eventually trickled down to a recipient as "inspiration" or "droplets of God." More
Water that flows from the Earth, to trees, and us, is like milk that flows from mother to child. It’s similar to the love that pours from ancient mother goddesses to assist people through every phase of life, including death. One such mother goddess who ushers us through death’s doorway is the Egyptian Lady of the Sycamore Tree. The Lady rejuvenates those who are dying and refreshes the souls of the dead in the afterlife by offering them water from the branches of her sacred tree. More
All women, including models, yearn to discover their immense inner beauty and to find inspiration, as well as refuge, as gravity and time alter their outer bodies. Coming to a love of one’s self takes discipline, diligence, and dedication—all keys to being a well-adjusted woman in this crazy world. I aspire for every one of us to be real, to look in the mirror and say, “You are the bomb.” Models seem drawn to yoga in unusually high numbers. My guess is they come because yoga helps them find balance and a sense of self in a profession where outward appearances matter most. More
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In a small town in the Berkshire Mountains I came across a large field surrounded by woods that holds a meticulously designed labyrinth, a smaller version of the famous one at Chartres Cathedral. This maze of stone walkways adorned with floral plantings invites you to embark on a mini-pilgrimage, a timeless, leisurely stroll. Near the entrance a plaque encourages you to leave your thoughts behind as you enter, and be open to what you experience as you meander its turns and twists. More
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We only need to peruse headlines in our newspapers or scroll through Facebook newsfeeds to know, viscerally, that the world is in need of a new story—an inspiring, galvanizing, inclusive new narrative. We need a narrative that is unlike any story we have told ourselves before. Our survival as a species requires it. More
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We were two-thirds of the way to the top of Mount Washington when my right leg gave out. My friend Marc and I had planned this hike on the summer solstice for over a year. So we decided to do the climb even though it was drizzling, which it turned out, meant we could not stop as we became too chilled. I was soaked through and through (even through my rain gear), borderline hypothermic, and in major pain. Yet there was no solution except to keep going. More
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Not all aggression looks the same. Any act, word, or gesture that pierces through into someone else’s personal space and causes the other to feel unsafe, threatened, or hurt is considered aggression. That could be a look, shouting, pulling a gun, or ignoring someone. More
You’ve probably heard that meditation can reduce stress, boost your immune system, and make you a happier, more focused person. But, there are so many types of meditation it can be hard to know which one will meet your needs. More
Omega Institute Miso Vegetable Soup: A Cooking Meditation by Suzanne Boothby
Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh sums up Zen practice with these few words: “Smile, breathe, and go slowly.” More
What: Walking meditation involves focusing on the physical sensations of every step you take, sometimes in coordination with the breath. Examples: The Zen Buddhist practice of kinhin; the Native American vision quest; Kundalini Yoga's breathwalk practice; the Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist practice of parikrama; and the Christian practice of walking a labyrinth. More