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Watch mindfulness pioneer, Jon Kabat-Zinn, in a riveting talk on the power of meditation not only for inner transformation, but as a foundation for taking action in a time of disruption. This 22-minute excerpt from Kabat-Zinn's presentation at Omega's 2017 Being Fearless Conference digs deep into using meditation as a transformative tool to address the challenges facing our democracy.  Want to jump right into a meditative practice led by Kabat-Zinn? Skip ahead to 8:15.       More
Watch Mingtong Gu's expert demonstration of this qigong practice for joint flexibility and try it for yourself today. It takes just 2 minutes. More
Pema Chödrön Foundation President Tim Olmsted explains why examining your fears is essential to overcoming anxiety and knowing peace.   More
Try this beautiful qigong practice to connect with the subtle energy of the universe. Watch leading teacher Mingtong Gu demonstrate a series of movements that train the body to function at its optimal energetic level. More
What is your story and does it get in the way of the unfolding moments of your life? American spiritual teacher Adyashanti asks us to drop the narratives we tell ourselves so we can use our awareness to discern the truth. More
Yoga Service Council President Jennifer Cohen Harper talks about the profound impact prison yoga can have on inmates and the communities they return home to.   More
Yoga teacher, writer, and human potential coach Daniel Aaron created Om Jai from traditional yogic techniques—including pranayama, mudra, and mantra—to overcome limitations, fear, and doubt. Take a few minutes to try this uplifting exercise today.    More
It takes just moments to do this Buddhist practice presented by Pema Chödrön Foundation President Tim Olmsted. Try it and experience compassion, love, joy and equanimity in one breath.  More
At the age of 86, Hedwige Kuepper uses qigong to take charge of her body, her breath, and her life. She even teaches qigong at the senior center down the road from her house. Learning from qigong masters like Robert Peng at Omega's Super Qi Weekend, she gains the wisdom and knowledge to not only improve her own health, but her community's health as well. More
Add this energizing and restorative breathing technique to your morning routine. Yoga teacher trainer, writer, and human potential coach Daniel Aaron teaches this short exercise that he developed and uses every day. More
Phones ringing and pinging, e-mails to be sent, social media accounts to update, bumper-to-bumper traffic, televisions blaring—noise everywhere! This is how most of us now live our lives. With this constant noise, continual distractions, busy schedules, and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, how can we even begin to be with ourselves? How can we connect with our soul or block out the background noise long enough to hear the wisdom that our soul is trying to pass on? More
No matter what category a relationship falls into, it acts as a teaching tool for you to understand the lessons that your soul needs to learn. It can help you to understand, change, or enhance your individual qualities. Every relationship is an opportunity for soul growth. More
Omega: You write in your book, It Didn’t Start With You, “Just as we inherit our eye color and blood type, we also inherit the residue from traumatic events that have taken place in our family.” Can you briefly explain the science of how this phenomenon works? Mark: When a trauma happens, it changes us. Literally, it causes a chemical change in our DNA and this can change how our genes function, sometimes for generations. More
We all dream. It’s one of the few things that we share as humans, no matter what country or culture we’re from. More
When we meet someone, what is going on? We assume we hold an awareness of our interior and exterior, and they do the same, but in many cases this isn’t a given. My internal “I” arises in myself. I arise in my own awareness and perception. Everything I feel in my body and my emotions arises in my awareness. But you also arise in my awareness. It’s like there are two video projectors going. I’m looking at the screen and I see the projection of you inside me. More
A student recently asked me, "When I listen to the news, what starts to arise in me is anger, despair, fear, and hatred. I quickly take a breath, remember my spiritual practice, and let it subside in me before it comes out. I wonder if having this 'enlightened perspective' is just a clever way of blocking the avalanche of feelings that would come if I allowed these emotions to express themselves?" More
Bridging the worlds of spirituality and activism, Radical Dharma Camp is a weekend gathering held at Omega that examines systemic suffering and racial injustice while encouraging participants to stay in presence. More
Besides brushing your teeth, is there anything you’ve done faithfully, every day, for as long as you can remember? Be honest. (Okay, maybe you’ve skipped a few days of brushing here and there...we won’t tell.) More
Trauma is not just an individual tragedy—it is rooted in larger social systems that shape our lives. When we peel back the layers of a traumatic experience, we find that they’re bound up within a larger social context. Whether it’s violence someone experienced because of their gender, or the dangerous work someone took on because they were poor, trauma never takes place in a vacuum. More
It’s so much easier to follow the path of the heart than to try to follow the path of the knowing mind. Through the doorway of the personal heart, you can enter what I like to call the Heart of Vastness, or the Big Heart of infinite connection. Later, of course, you can bring the mind back, and it can be very useful. So long as it’s not in the driver’s seat, the mind can be a brilliant vehicle of creative intelligence, rather than serving as the voice of your dominating will. Then expression becomes poetry. Or, better yet, comedy! More