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Jasmine Chehrazi
Yoga Service Interview Series: Jasmine Chehrazi
Rob: What emotionally motivates you to give back the gift of yoga? What are some standout moments in your teaching? Jasmine: The emotional connection is partly a heartfelt duty to share the practices that are helpful to me, in case they're helpful to others. But I don't feel like I'm giving back—I'm being given to. I'm so fortunate to share yoga with so many people who helped guide me to a deeper sense of self and the world around me, deconstructing every stereotype or assumption of others' "other-ness." More
Marlise Karlin encourages you to invite stillness in, release the past, and find your true life purpose.  On the night my father put his fist through the only locked door in the house to punish me for not having obeyed him, I knew. I knew I had no choice but to go. I didn’t know where or even how, just that I had to go. I was 16 years old. I crept out my window and climbed down the big oak tree, believing this was my only hope to find freedom. More
When I was little, I liked to accompany my master Xiao Yao when he occasionally visited other monasteries on official business or to see old friends, which could last for days or sometimes even weeks. All the places we visited had a temple similar to ours at Jiuyi Temple, and that was always the first place my Master visited when we arrived. More
Nikki Myers
Yoga Service Interview Series: Nikki Myers
Rob: What emotionally connects you to give back the gift of yoga? More
John Tarrant
What do you do when faced with great difficulties and challenges? Zen teacher John Tarrant, Roshi, PhD, offers these seven guidelines for taking advantage of difficulties and surprises in life, and making the most of them.          Zen Student: “When times of great difficulty visit us, how should we greet them?”         Teacher: “Welcome.” More
Hand Tai Chi
Peter Wayne, author of The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi, created Hand Tai Chi to help people relieve the pain of arthritis and repetitive-stress injury. The added benefit? With practice, you’ll also experience the core principles of tai chi.  More
Yoga Service Interview Series: Beryl Bender Birch
Rob: What changes occur during our asana, pranayama, or meditation practice that help us to get off our mats and "give back" to our communities the benefits we've received through the practice of yoga? More
U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan
Is mindfulness in education just a well-meaning, do-gooder, tree-hugger approach to teaching? U.S. Congressman Tim Ryan says no. It's proven to give children tools to help them cultivate inner resilience, and the unions that can make teaching those tools in public schools a widespread reality. More
As Eric Francis explains, spring is a perfect time of the year for a series of eclipses, as the energy is already rising up out of the ground. A time of idealism and optimism, it’s also a time to look where you want to be, to project your life in that direction, and make the most of it.  More
Omega Institute Yoga for a Broken Heart by Tracee Stanley
There are many ways that we become heartbroken. It can be from years of failed relationships, a betrayal from a partner, the loss of a loved one, divorce, abandonment, disappointment, even loneliness. Some of our heartbreaks are so deep that it feels as though we may never recover. We become so disconnected from ourselves that we need something to guide us back to wholeness. More