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Omega Institute How Your Shadow Can Set You Free Debbie Ford
In this interview, Debbie Ford explains how facing your shadow can open up new pathways for your life. Omega: Your career has focused on helping people understand their shadows, and you’ve written that we can’t have the full experience of the light without knowing the dark. Why do you consider the shadow is the gatekeeper to true freedom? More
This month’s astrology seems uniquely designed to teach us something about bringing our thoughts into harmony with our feelings. As Eric Francis says, most people need to learn how to both harmonize and differentiate between thoughts and emotions. Over the next few weeks, as we delve even deeper into the Water Sign Theater, we all get a chance to sort that out. More
Brené Brown
Brené Brown reveals how vulnerability is the path to a full life. Omega: In your research, you’ve documented the importance of vulnerability in our personal and professional lives. Why do you think it’s important for us to learn to feel vulnerable? More
Panache Desai
Panache Desai Takes a New Approach to Self-Discovery
Omega: How did you come to be a spiritual teacher at such a young age? Did you have a religious upbringing? Panache: I am Indian and I grew up in England. My mother visited India when she was three months pregnant to reconnect with our family’s spiritual lineage. She was told at that point I was coming back for a very specific purpose—to facilitate God’s work. She had dreams and insights about me even before I was born. More
Proof of Heaven book cover
Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander spent 55 years honing his scientific worldview until experiencing a transcendental near-death experience. In this excerpt from his New York Times bestseller Proof of Heaven, he shares what happened in the moments before slipping into a coma from a rare illness. Lynchburg, Virginia—November 10, 2008 More
As we move further into 2013, Eric Francis offers a deeper look into the unique astrology that makes this year so distinctive. For this month's horoscopes, see Planet Waves Horoscopes: February 2013. More
As we move another step further into 2013, Eric Francis offers a deeper look into the unique astrology that makes this year so distinctive. For a more thorough explanation of this month's astrology, see February 2013: Water Sign Theater. More
Finding the Courage to Chart New Territory
Law of Divine Compensation
How the Universe Maintains Balance to Your Benefit
The universe is self-correcting and is set up to work on your behalf. Like a GPS that re-routes you when you take a wrong turn, the universe does the same to bring you back to an abundant state. Marianne Williamson explains how this Law of Divine Compensation works. More
As December brings us to the close of 2012 and the end of an era, Eric Francis explores the relational effects of Juno and the Sun in your life. For a more thorough explanation of this month's astrology, see Planet Waves Horoscopes: December 2012. More