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Rhinebeck, New York

Core Staff: Core Staff live off campus and support Omega in a variety of managerial and administrative positions. These are year-round, salaried jobs with a full benefits package, including health and dental insurance.

Temporary and Hourly Staff: Temporary and hourly staff live off campus and support Omega in a variety of administrative tasks for an hourly wage. These positions do not include benefits.

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Omega Institute Accepting Your Truth: An Interview With Mark Nepo
An Interview With Mark Nepo
Omega: Is there a poem that inspired you to be a poet? Mark: The poetry of Pablo Neruda really inspired me. When I first read his work, I felt like, “I must belong to this tribe.” My oldest friend, Robert, who comes with me as a guest every year when I teach at Omega, introduced me to Neruda. I was so moved, I wouldn’t give him the book back. Omega: In 1987, you were diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma, which has greatly informed much of your work. What’s the first step toward healing?  More
"Wherefore art thou, Omega?" During a recent performance at the Center for Performing Arts in Rhinebeck, New York, "Omega" appeared on stage. More
Omega Institute Singing the Lessons of African-American History With Ysaye Barnwell
An Interview With Ysaye Barnwell
Omega: What was it like to grow up in a musical household? Ysaye: My father taught piano, violin, and viola in our home, and I wanted to do what they were doing. I remember at two and a half I had this little, tiny violin, and he started teaching me how to hold it. I was around music all the time and played in the orchestra in junior high school and then high school, and sang in a choir while I was in junior high school. It was a community choir, and all we did was spirituals. More
milk and cookies
Find Out if You're Sensitive to These 7 Common Foods
The more trouble you’ve had with losing weight and keeping it off, the more likely it is that food intolerance is at the root of your problem. Even if you’re not experiencing symptoms, highly reactive or high-food intolerance (high-FI) foods are almost certainly behind your struggles with weight loss. If yogurt, eggs, soymilk, and whole-wheat bread are a frequent part of your diet—and especially if you’re eating them every day—your system is overwhelmed with problem foods, and your immune system never really calms down. More
Omega Institute Reviving Musical Treasures: An Interview With Jimmie Dale Gilmore
An Interview With Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Omega: What instrument would you still like to learn how to play? Jimmie: I would love to play the piano. I always regret that I didn’t learn the piano. I also would like to play the electric guitar. Omega: Do you match your music to your mood or can music dictate a mood? More
cup of bone broth
Early in my career, I quickly established a track record of success as a weight loss specialist. But I wanted to do even better for my patients—and, in particular, I wanted to achieve the biggest results in the shortest time for patients struggling with obesity. Many of the people I work with merely want to lose a dress size or a pants size, but others are dangerously overweight. They’re diabetic, they have heart disease, they have sleep apnea, and they can barely move. So they need to drop weight fast. More
Omega Institute You Should Write, Even if You'll Miss the Mark: An Interview With Maia Danziger
An Interview With Maia Danziger
Omega: How has your acting career influenced your writing practice? Maia: It’s the same process, only with different outcomes. Really good acting is about being completely present in the moment. It's about having done your homework and then giving everything up and allowing the flow to move through it. As an actor I often hear people say, “Oh my God, I got nervous when I walked out on stage.” More
Pesto in mortar with pestle
Serves 4 Ingredients Pesto  1/3 cup walnuts 1 large garlic clove, chopped 2 cups baby spinach 2 cups arugula 1/2 cup mint leaves 2 teaspoons champagne vinegar 2 teaspoons nutritional yeast 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil 1/4 to 1/2 cup water Sea salt and pepper   Directions More
Omega Institute Live Dirty & Eat Clean: An Interview With Robynne Chutkan
An Interview With Robynne Chutkan
Omega: Your mantra is "live dirty and eat clean." What do you mean by that? Robynne: To “live dirty" means to restore our essential connection with nature and with the trillions of microbes that call our bodies home—and whose survival is inextricably linked to ours. To “eat clean” means to eat unprocessed food from nature (mostly plants) grown responsibly, without harmful pesticides, etc. Omega: What’s your personal recipe for feeling your best? Robynne: I feel my best when I hit this triad: More