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What: Chanting meditation is a musical practice during which you sing or chant sacred mantras, phrases, and/or songs, often accompanied by live instruments. Some practices sing or chant in unison; others follow a call-and-response format. More
Omega Institute Very Red Tomato & Beet Soup by Sharon Gannon
Serves 4 to 6 Ingredients 2 large fresh beets, peeled and choppedOne 22-ounce can or jar of tomato sauce2-to-3 cups of water, depending on desired consistencySalt and freshly ground black pepper to tasteTofu sour cream (optional), for serving Directions More
Omega Institute Hallelujah by Carlos Andrés Gómez
Eight months shy of a hundred. And still filled with the wonderment of a child. My grandmother is a revelation tumbling in on itself. Songs and secrets snaked into the creases of her smile.Her 63-year-old hunch is washing dishes in the sink. Her knees in 2nd grade tear through the living room like a derailed train car.Prayer-swollen hips from her wedding photos call up to a rosary, ask for life. And I am molded clay from the hands with which she now holds my chubby face. I am small  and curious.  More
Omega Institute Love Poem to My Younger Self by Carlos Andrés Gómez
Everything inside of you was floodlit, infiniteas daybreak. You were boisterous and bold,sensitive and soft, arms open to anything that would hold you. You were a cascadeof offerings. A toothy, overbite smilethat, even with headgear on, could not be dimmed if you tried. And you criedat the end of the movie ET like that littlealien was your best friend or, at least, the family More
Omega Institute Sharon's Amazing Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe
Serves 15 to 20 people, depending on serving cup size. Ingredients More
Omega Institute Weaving the Threads of Peace
The Omega Peace Quilt Project
The Omega Peace Quilt is an annual seasonal community project led by fabric artist Helema Kadir. The results are always unique, beautiful, and meaningful. Each quilt is an original piece of fabric art and community folk craft with a coloful message of peace stitched into each square.  More
Omega Institute Save Your Seeds
For most gardeners, the season begins in late winter when seed catalogs arrive in the mail featuring backyard crops like ornamental kale, watermelon radish, and heirloom tomatoes. Growing plants from seed allows you to start your garden early by germinating seeds inside and offers a larger selection of herbs and vegetables to choose from. More
Omega Institute Reishi Mushroom Tea
Reishi mushrooms, also known as "mushrooms of immortality," contain polysaccharides called beta-glucans that can help stimulate the immune system, prevent tumor growth, and lower blood pressure. One way to use this medicinal mushroom is to make a decoction, or tea.  More
Omega Institute Dance Your Way to Connection
People connect to spirit in different ways. Some sit on a meditation cushion and seek stillness, while others move wildly and let their arms shake and feet stomp. More