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Core Staff Jobs

Rhinebeck, New York

Core Staff: Core Staff live off campus and support Omega in a variety of managerial and administrative positions. These are year-round, salaried jobs with a full benefits package, including health and dental insurance.

Temporary and Hourly Staff: Temporary and hourly staff live off campus and support Omega in a variety of administrative tasks for an hourly wage. These positions do not include benefits.

Learning paths content lists

Omega Institute Orange Goji Lemonade
Ingredients1 cup goji berries7 cups water (divided)1 cup lemon juice2 pinches salt12 drops orange stevia3 drops orange essential oil DirectionsSoak goji berries for one hour in 2 cups of water. Blend with lemon juice, 2 pinches of salt, and 5 cups of water. Strain and add 12 drops of orange stevia and 3 drops of orange essential oil. More
Bake Your Own Bread No matter the style of bread you make—a hearty, country-style loaf, a light baguette, corn bread, tortilla, pita, naan, or a gluten-free variation on any of these—learning how to make one of the most basic foods there is for yourself can be powerfully nourishing. More
Omega Institute Vegetable Fritters by Jon Gabriel
Makes approximately 8 fritters. Ingredients1 tablespoon ghee1 small brown onion, diced1 ounce broccoli, finely chopped1 clove garlic, crushed1 egg1/2 carrot, grated1/4 zucchini, grated1 teaspoon dried thymesalt and pepperflaxseeds DirectionsMelt half of the ghee in a frying pan on medium heat. Place diced onion, broccoli, and garlic in the pan. Heat for approximately 3 minutes. Remove from heat. More
Omega Institute Natural Dyes: The Palette of the Slow Clothing Movement by Jackie Ottino Graf
An Interview With Jackie Ottino Graf
Omega: Why would someone want to forage for materials to do their own dying as opposed to purchasing materials? More
Omega Institute Did You Play Today?
"We do not quit playing because we grow old; we grow old because we quit playing." While it's unclear exactly who coined this phrase, it's a sentiment worth taking to heart. Play is an essential part of life. But what exactly is it? Like art, we know it when we see and experience it. More
Omega Institute 4 Surprising Benefits of Rest
When the battery runs low on your phone or tablet, you plug it in to recharge. Sadly, many of us don’t realize we can do the same for ourselves with a little rest.  Research reveals some surprising health benefits to taking a little R&R, and it points out why we need it. In a fast-paced world that boasts a 24-hour news cycle and offers "connection" through social media at any time, most people feel like they are just trying to keep up.   More
An Interview With Elizabeth Gilbert
Omega: Your book Big Magic is about the creative process. “Stubborn” is a word you evoke to describe your writing practice. But you also “ascend toward stubborn gladness” as a way of being joyful and loving.  What is the relationship between discipline and playfulness? More
An Interview With Elizabeth Gilbert
Omega: You have a very disciplined approach to your writing, but your meditation practice has ebbed and flowed. What is the growing edge in your spiritual practice?  Elizabeth: I keep trying. I really do. I kind of feel like the smoker who has quit 90 times, but I have optimism that one of these days I'm going to get it. More
Omega Institute The Case for a Planet-Based Diet
How Your Food Choices Impact the Planet
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) may be getting ready to shift its dietary guidelines. The USDA updates the guidelines every five years. In preparation for issuing new guidelines later in 2015, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has submitted a report to the USDA that recommends eating less meat and more plants.  More