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Omega Institute Are You Cooking With the Right Oils?
It’s dinnertime. You’ve chopped the onions, turned on the stove, and you need to add some oil to the pan. But which one to use? The average American consumes more than 53 pounds of cooking oil a year, which means your choice of oils has a big impact on your health. Most nights you probably reach for a vegetable oil (like canola or olive), but not all oils are created equal, and different oils are better suited to different types of cooking. More
Omega Institute A Healthy Gut Makes a Happy You: The Basics of Probiotics, Prebiotics & Fermented Foods
The Basics of Probiotics, Prebiotics & Fermented Foods
“I’ve got a gut feeling about this.” “The thought makes me nauseous.” “I’ve got butterflies in my stomach.” These common phrases intuitively express what science now recognizes: there is a direct connection between the brain and the gut. Some scientists even refer to the gut as the second, or "hidden" brain. More
Omega Institute Angel Food Cake With Peach & Ground Cherry Compote & Curried Carrot Cream by Robert Turner
These three recipes are made separately and assembled just before serving. When you're ready to eat, cut the cake, top with fruit compote, and drizzle with cream. Ground cherries are available in late summer and fall at specialty markets and farmers markets. If you can't get ground cherries, consider using blueberries instead.    CURRIED CARROT CREAM Ingredients More
Omega Institute Writers Can Change the World: An Interview With Erica Jong
An Interview with Erica Jong
Omega: How can writing help the future of feminism? More
Omega Institute Dancing Meditation 101
What it is: Dancing meditation helps you cultivate a sense of oneness as you focus on the music and rhythms of the dance. The practice can be quiet and meditative or ecstatic, rhythmic, and trance-inducing. Some forms of dancing meditation encourage you to interact with others, sing, or make noise as you dance.   More
Omega Institute 3 Ways to Use Social Media to Feel More Connected
The digital age isn’t just about posting selfies or broadcasting your every thought. Since the launch of the first social network site, Friendster, in 2002, millions of people have logged onto social media to connect with others. Today, it’s one of the major ways we stay connected to the people we care about. More
What: Chanting meditation is a musical practice during which you sing or chant sacred mantras, phrases, and/or songs, often accompanied by live instruments. Some practices sing or chant in unison; others follow a call-and-response format. More
Omega Institute Very Red Tomato & Beet Soup by Sharon Gannon
Serves 4 to 6 Ingredients 2 large fresh beets, peeled and choppedOne 22-ounce can or jar of tomato sauce2-to-3 cups of water, depending on desired consistencySalt and freshly ground black pepper to tasteTofu sour cream (optional), for serving Directions In a large soup pot, place the beets and tomato sauce, add the water, and bring to a boil over high heat. Reduce the heat to medium-low and cook for about 30 minutes, until the beets are soft.  More
Omega Institute Hallelujah by Carlos Andrés Gómez
Eight months shy of a hundred. And still filled with the wonderment of a child. My grandmother is a revelation tumbling in on itself. Songs and secrets snaked into the creases of her smile.Her 63-year-old hunch is washing dishes in the sink. Her knees in 2nd grade tear through the living room like a derailed train car.Prayer-swollen hips from her wedding photos call up to a rosary, ask for life. And I am molded clay from the hands with which she now holds my chubby face. I am small  and curious.  More