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          It’s time to give upThe endless struggle to becomeAnd accept that this is all there isThat there’s nothing more to gain or lose.If this moment isn’t good enoughThen no moment ever will beIf you can’t make peace with the present nowYou’ll always be at war. It’s time to stop trying To bend the world to your willAnd allow life to unfoldWith slow natural grace, like spring. More
7 Yoga Teachers Weigh in On the Yogic Diet
Traditionally, yogis consumed sattvic foods that nourish the body and support a peaceful state, enabling the practitioner to function at maximum potential. Sattvic foods include nuts, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and legumes. Yogis were encouraged to stay away from rajasic foods that heat up the body, such as coffee and chocolate, and tamasic foods that are heavy, such as alcohol and preserved foods. Many yogis also included the yogic principle of ahimsa (nonviolence/noninjury) in their dietetic choices, by choosing to be vegan or vegetarian. More
Joe Cross lost 80 pounds, cured himself of a chronic illness, and helped change countless lives along the way. The filmmaker and main subject of the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, shares one of his favorite green drinks with us.  Serving Size: 16 ounces Ingredients 1 cucumber4 celery stalks2 apples6–8 kale leaves1/2 lemon1 tablespoon fresh ginger Directions More
Chef Roger Dufau shares this delicious recipe for Zucchini Corn Bread, which he serves frequently at Drew House, his popular bed and breakfast. This is not your usual sweet bread, but a leavened (yeasted) bread more akin to a loaf of olive or artichoke bread. It's great for dipping or served with dinner.   Ingredients More
Ingredients 2 cups peaches, peeled and diced1 cup red bell pepper, diced small3 tablespoons red onion, diced small3 tablespoons fresh lime juice1 teaspoon lime zest2 tablespoons fresh cilantro, chopped1 jalapeño chili, minced1 teaspoon fresh ginger, minced Directions Gently incorporate the ingredients in a bowl and season to taste with salt and freshly cracked black pepper. More
Steve Taylor, a researcher and author of five books, was included in Mind, Body, Spirit magazine’s list of "the 100 most spiritually influential living people." His work has been described by Eckhart Tolle as "an important contribution to the shift in consciousness happening on our planet." His spiritual poems, published in The Meaning, offer a profound glimpse into the presence he speaks about in his work.       More
Art is the fabric of imagination that connects us with everything—everything that is, everything that was, and everything we are capable of being. It is the ultimate transformer and a powerful healer. Through art, we see ourselves, recreate ourselves, and often discover truths that otherwise would remain foreign. More