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Core Staff Jobs

Rhinebeck, New York

Core Staff: Core Staff live off campus and support Omega in a variety of managerial and administrative positions. These are year-round, salaried jobs with a full benefits package, including health and dental insurance.

Temporary and Hourly Staff: Temporary and hourly staff live off campus and support Omega in a variety of administrative tasks for an hourly wage. These positions do not include benefits.

Learning paths content lists

An Interview With Anita Moorjani
Omega: You have described your near-death experience as a “realm of clarity and expansiveness.” Can you tell us what it was like? Anita: I felt total clarity and a sense of awakening. It was as if everything I believed and bought into about myself disappeared. It didn't matter how many degrees I had, or what my race, religion, or cultural background were—it all disappeared. There was no need for labels. More
Omega Institute Spring Pea Soup by Andrea Beaman
Organic, frozen mixed vegetables are good for quick-and-easy stir-fries and soups. While I highly encourage you to prepare fresh food from local and seasonal products, if you don’t have time or access, count on frozen vegetables to help you out in the kitchen. Ingredients More
Omega Institute Linguine With Beet Greens by Suzanne Boothby
Beets have a long history as an edible aphrodisiac—the Ancient Romans believed beets promoted loving feelings and enhanced sex appeal, and beets are sometimes used as a pagan symbol for love and beauty. More
An Interview With Sharon Salzberg
Elizabeth: You are often called one of America’s leading spiritual teachers. What does it mean to you to be a spiritual teacher? Sharon: I call myself a meditation teacher rather than a spiritual teacher. But, I understand why people use that word. I imagine they’re trying to capture the idea of practicing or working with someone to look underneath our immediate circumstance to find meaning or happiness without identifying with a particular religious path. More
An Interview With angel Kyodo williams
Omega: How do you see self-care as a particularly radical act of freedom and healing? How can meeting our individual needs bring us closer to being able to meet the needs of the many? More
cup of milk with cinnamon and ginger
The inward-turning season of winter is ideal for nourishing our inner fire, or agni. The early part of winter follows the path of autumn, in which vata and kapha doshas (or subtle energies) are predominant, so the cold and dry qualities of vata are present in the body and the environment. The latter part of winter initiates the cold and damp qualities of kapha. More
What's Possible: An Interview with Dr. Christiane Northrup
Marianne: Your philosophy toward women’s health and wellness is very synergistic to the Omega Women’s Leadership Center’s approach to leadership, in terms of tuning into our inner wisdom. How would you, personally, define power? What does power mean to you? More
Omega Institute 5 Holistic Remedies for SAD & the Winter Blues
For some winter is a time to catch up on reading, sip hot tea by the fire, or enjoy winter sports like skiing or ice-skating. For others, winter can trigger a months-long sadness and lethargy. In Chinese medicine winter is considered more yin than the other seasons and is characterized by cold, dark, damp, and a turning inward. It’s a time to be still and take inventory of your inner world. More
Omega Institute Roasted Rainbow Carrots by Suzanne Boothby
Did you know that carrots are much sweeter in winter than summer? Colder temperatures encourage carrots to convert their starch stores into sugar so they don’t freeze. It’s like nature’s version of antifreeze, but much tastier. More
Omega Institute Coconut Milk Mashed Sweet Potatoes
This Blue Zone-friendly dish highlights two things that these longevity hot spots are known for: consuming antioxidant-rich vegetables that reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases and healthy fats.  More