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Omega Institute 8 Ayurvedic Food & Herb Tips for Winter by Shiva Rea
Keep Your Inner Fire Burning
The inward-turning season of winter is ideal for nourishing our inner fire, or agni. The early part of winter follows the path of autumn, in which vata and kapha doshas (or subtle energies) are predominant, so the cold and dry qualities of vata are present in the body and the environment. The latter part of winter initiates the cold and damp qualities of kapha. More
Omega Institute 5 Holistic Remedies for SAD & the Winter Blues
For some winter is a time to catch up on reading, sip hot tea by the fire, or enjoy winter sports like skiing or ice-skating. For others, winter can trigger a months-long sadness and lethargy. In Chinese medicine winter is considered more yin than the other seasons and is characterized by cold, dark, damp, and a turning inward. It’s a time to be still and take inventory of your inner world. More
Omega Institute Roasted Rainbow Carrots by Suzanne Boothby
Did you know that carrots are much sweeter in winter than summer? Colder temperatures encourage carrots to convert their starch stores into sugar so they don’t freeze. It’s like nature’s version of antifreeze, but much tastier. More
Omega Institute Coconut Milk Mashed Sweet Potatoes
This Blue Zone-friendly dish highlights two things that these longevity hot spots are known for: consuming antioxidant-rich vegetables that reduce your risk of developing chronic diseases and healthy fats.  More
Omega Institute Make Your Life a Blue Zone
In 2007 researcher and explorer Dan Buettner journeyed to Costa Rica with a team of scientists to study communities where people have some of the longest lifespans in the world. This area, and others like it, became known as Blue Zones, places where people naturally live long, healthy lives without medications, surgeries, or anti-aging gimmicks. More
Omega Institute Blue Zones Tips for Healthier, Happier Kids
Children’s book writer Dr. Seuss wrote, “Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” In children’s health, we have a lot of questions about what has gone wrong. Why are one in three kids considered overweight or obese? How did cancer and suicide become two of the leading causes of death for kids between the ages of five and 14, according to the CDC? More
Pesto is quick to make and versatile in the kitchen. It can be tossed with pasta, used as a base for dipping vegetables, or added to omelets for extra color and zing. You can make pesto with the last of the herbs in the garden and freeze it for enjoyment throughout the colder months. More
Omega Institute 5 Cool R&R Classes
Get Artsy Expressing yourself through art is a great way to relax, and it has a positive impact on your overall health. More
Omega Institute Walking for Wellness Across the Nation
Omega: Part of your mission is “To re-establish walking as a healing tradition in Black communities as tribute to the women who walked before us.” You recently caravanned over 500 women from 10 cities to Selma for the 50th Anniversary of the Selma-to-Montgomery March. How did it feel for women to, quite literally, be walking in the footsteps of grandparents and ancestors? More