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Omega Institute Resource Guide From 2015 OCSL Conference
Seeds of Change: Cultivating the Commons
Will AllenBio: Will AllenWebsite: Growing PowerFacebook: Growing PowerTwitter: @growingpower More
Omega Institute Working Together to Protect Water Could Unite Humanity by Maude Barlow
An Interview With Maude Barlow
Omega: What’s the state of groundwater withdrawal globally? Maude: NASA just put out a report. Of the 37 major aquifers in the world, 21 are deeply stressed to the point of very serious water displacement. The statistics are very terrifying. We are doubling our exploitation of groundwater every 20 years.  More
We need a new water ethic. We need to place water at the center of everything we do: The way we produce food, the way we produce energy, the way way we produce goods, and the way we trade them. I call for this ethic in my book Our Blue Future: Protecting Water For People and the Planet Forever. There are four principles that can guide us in doing this. More
Omega Institute We’re All Seed Savers, Even If We Don’t Know It: An Interview With Ken Greene, Hudson Valley Seed Library Cofounder
An Interview With Ken Greene, Hudson Valley Seed Library Cofounder
Omega: How can people who might not garden, let alone farm, get involved in seed saving?  Ken: One of the challenges I found when I started the Hudson Valley Seed Library was helping people understand their role in seed saving. I really wanted to help people understand how their decisions have repercussions on seeds. I started to see seed saving as a spectrum.  More
Omega Institute Why Everyone Should Have a 16-Year-Old Boss by Jamia Wilson
I love being a part of Rookie. I love that it is an inherently and unapologetically feminist publication, but also operates on the premise that it’s there for girls and young women in creating a space that celebrates instead of stigmatizes young girlhood, which so many other things and some other media outlets do. More
Omega Institute Let's Dream a New World: An Interview With John Perkins
An Interview With John Perkins
Omega: Was there a turning point or defining moment in your life that “lifted the veil” for you? John: There have been a lot of turning points, but probably the key one happened when I was in the Amazon and I got very, very ill. I was dying and lost a lot of weight in a very short period of time, then a shaman healed me in one night in a shamanic shapeshifting ceremony. More
Omega Institute You Only Need Four Seconds by Peter Bregman
“A four-second pause—the time it takes to take one breath in, one breath out—can be powerful enough to subvert a poor decision and replace it with a smarter one.” —Peter Bregman This morning, like every morning, I sat cross-legged on a cushion on the floor, rested my hands on my knees, closed my eyes, and did nothing but breathe for 20 minutes. More
Omega Institute Walking for Wellness Across the Nation
Omega: Part of your mission is “To re-establish walking as a healing tradition in Black communities as tribute to the women who walked before us.” You recently caravanned over 500 women from 10 cities to Selma for the 50th Anniversary of the Selma-to-Montgomery March. How did it feel for women to, quite literally, be walking in the footsteps of grandparents and ancestors? More