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Rhinebeck, New York

Core Staff: Core Staff live off campus and support Omega in a variety of managerial and administrative positions. These are year-round, salaried jobs with a full benefits package, including health and dental insurance.

Temporary and Hourly Staff: Temporary and hourly staff live off campus and support Omega in a variety of administrative tasks for an hourly wage. These positions do not include benefits.

Learning paths content lists

Marcia Ann Gillespie, author, editor, and activist, describes the spiritual context that runs through all her work and relationships. More
Elizabeth Lesser, cofounder of Omega Institute and the Omega Women’s Leadership Center (OWLC), explains the alternative to the "comparison delusion" that women's inequality creates. More
Pat Mitchell, media executive, journalist, and activist, speaks about the fact that when you change a girls life through education, safety, and economics, you change her community and her country. More
Sister Joan Chittister explains why we need all generations to being new points of view to bear on old world views to meet new needs. More
Alice Walker, the author, poet, and activist, reads a poem encouraging women to claim their places in the leadership of the world and "to lead humanity to health, happiness, and sanity."   More
Elizabeth Lesser, cofounder of Omega Institute and the Omega Women’s Leadership Center (OWLC), remembers an encounter with Marion Zimmer Bradley in Omega's dining hall and the invaluable lesson in leadership that she took away from their conversation.  More
Carlos Andrés Gómez, award-winning poet, actor, and writer, describes his "click moment" as a young man discovering poetry, how a poem can change a life, and how each of us can contribute to shifting the cutlture of gender. More
Kimberle Crenshaw, professor of law at UCLA and Columbia and an authority in Critical Race Theory and Civil Rights, describes a new kind of feminism that can hold all facets of lived experience. More
Famed for her talent, creativity, and versatility as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist, this Grammy Award-winning artist has used her music as a way to convey powerful, personal messages. Here she explains why she believes feminism is truly for every one of us, how we need to promote it to a younger generation, and why she is more convinced than ever that it will save the world. More
Kaylo, the spoken word poet and activist, shares a performance of her ode to Gumption and feminism. More
An Interview With Madan Bali
Omega: Can you describe the basic principle of your yoga practice? Madan: I’ve been teaching, researching, and coming up with new insights since 1969. Yoga has much more to offer than we think. We have the finest technology available on this planet in our own body. The body writes its own prescription from moment to moment. Just think about when we go into deep sleep, there’s nothing to be done, nothing to be fixed. Everything is being done for us. More
Three women in a garden
Game changer (noun): a person or idea that significantly affects the outcome of something Do Your Own Work & Own Your Part Sean Corn   There are many ways to become an effective game changer, but in the context of spiritual activism, committing to your inner work and transforming your own limited beliefs is primary. More
Two people holding each others hands
An Interview With Raquel Lavina of The National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA)
Omega: The “New Economy” has moved beyond freelancing and is flooded by terms describing it variously as: gig, sharing, informal, barter, contract, and online. What does The National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) mean by “caring economy” and “care” as a value—not just a monetary value? More
"If we want a sustainable future, we have to educate for a sustainable future," says Jaimie Cloud, founder of the Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education. And if you are a parent who wants your child to attend a school that educates for sustainability, you may have to help your school make the transition to this kind of curriculum and instructional practice by encouraging them to become an early adopter/leader. More
Omega recently caught up with Women Serving Women Summit 2015 attendee Youth Media Project, whose members teach digital storytelling. We wondered, "What story do they have to tell about their experience?" We Have Everything We Need More
woman in red dress arms out
We can use our body as a fortress or as a cathedral—protecting ourselves from the possibility of pain or danger, or opening ourselves to the beauty and wisdom in every cell. We’re taught to trivialize our bodily sensations because we’re afraid of suffering, eros, or narcissism. So we close ourselves off to our deepest yearnings, our desires for love and freedom, our hunger for expressing from the deepest parts of ourselves. More
Mother and daugher hugging and sitting outside.
Jean Kilbourne on Women & Media
Many mainstream media ads for food and diet products normalize shame, guilt, bingeing, and purging. Eating has become divorced from hunger and nutrition in our culture. It’s difficult to find women, especially young women, who have really healthy attitudes toward food and their bodies. My own daughter has struggled with these issues. When she was a child, I did all the things I advise people to do. I talked with her very openly about body image, sex and sexuality, media literacy—everything! I created a safe place for her to ask me anything. She often attended my lectures. More
An Interview With Elizabeth Gilbert
Omega: Women in the 21st century are forging new paths while being held to impossible “women's magazine” standards—“perfection” and “balance” are words you encourage women not to use. The Signature of All Things tells the 19th century life story of a rare, intrepid woman scientist. Do you consider yourself political in your writing? Elizabeth: Somebody asked if Signature of All Things is a feminist novel and I said, “I'm never going to write anything that's not a feminist screed in some way or another, explicitly so or not.” More
Omega Institute Personal Growth Lessons From Permaculture: An Interview With Abrah Dresdale & Keith Zaltzberg
An Interview With Abrah Dresdale & Keith Zaltzberg
Omega: What do you mean when you say permaculture can be useful for changemakers? Abrah: Permaculture's regenerative design process can be used by anyone who is already anchored in a professional field. It is a framework to help people design and reimagine their personal lives, personal sustainability, approach to project management, and vision for the world. More
Women of color in an audience look forward.
A Call for Anti-racism
When my first book Being Black came out in 2000, I was chagrined by what I had done. I realized that, out of my love and appreciation for the dharma, I issued this invitation to people of color into the American Buddhism culture and it was not welcoming. Obviously there were pockets and exceptions—but for the most part, the Western Buddhist community did not want or know how to receive them. I had invited black folks to crash the private upper middle class party that was going on and it was just not wanted. More