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Omega Institute Don't Let Your Vacation Days Slip Away
Call it martyrdom. Call it work-a-holism. Call it what you like. The fact is, Americans are taking fewer vacation days than ever before. A recent study shows that Americans basically work for free for about one week per year. More
Omega Institute Moving Toward a Steady State Economy
Today we live in an era of information, statistics, metrics, and measures. In nearly all aspects of life things are quantified by data—sometimes, it seems, to the point that the metric becomes confused with the thing being measured. The Dominance of the GDP  In economics this preoccupation with data manifests itself in the close scrutiny of the Gross Domestic Product. Is the GDP growing? Is it growing fast enough? What can we do to increase its growth? More
Omega Institute Let’s Bring More Women Into Permaculture’s Leadership: An Interview With Lisa DePiano
An Interview With Lisa DePiano
Omega: How do you see the place of women within the permaculture movement today? More
Present Yourself Fearlessly by Elizabeth Gilbert
My advice is just usually my mom's good advice recycled. I feel more comfortable just redispensing her advice because I know it came from her Grandma. I know it's been tested, it's got deep legs. It's a home remedy. We know how to make apple butter. I'm not doing your new fangled fancy culinary molecular advice here, this is advice you know grandma to grandma to granddaughter to granddaughter that got passed on. More
Omega Institute 5 Steps to Reduce Your Money Stress by Manisha Thakor
When you think about your personal finances, do you feel overwhelmed, confused, and baffled about where to start? Increasingly, this is the norm, not the exception, when it comes to how Americans relate to their financial well-being. More
Omega Institute Anger, Race & Creating Change: An Interview With Tara Brach
An Interview With Tara Brach
Omega: Many activists are fueled by anger at injustice, but approaching this important work with anger often leads to burnout. How can we do activist work in a more conscious, sustainable way?  More
Omega Institute 4 Surprising Benefits of Rest
When the battery runs low on your phone or tablet, you plug it in to recharge. Sadly, many of us don’t realize we can do the same for ourselves with a little rest.  Research reveals some surprising health benefits to taking a little R&R, and it points out why we need it. In a fast-paced world that boasts a 24-hour news cycle and offers "connection" through social media at any time, most people feel like they are just trying to keep up.   More
An Interview With Elizabeth Gilbert, Part 1
Omega: Your forthcoming book, Big Magic, is about creative process. “Stubborn” is a word you evoke to describe your writing practice. But you also “ascend toward stubborn gladness” as a way of being joyful and loving.  What is the relationship between discipline and playfulness? More
Omega Institute Be a Source of Joy: An Interview With Bonnie St. John, Part 1
An Interview With Bonnie St. John, Part 1
Omega: You once said, “What you do when everything goes right doesn’t tell me who you are. It’s what you do after disaster that shows your character most.” How do you define this boldness in your own life? More