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Omega Institute You Are the Key to Your Relationships: An Interview With Kate Feldman & Joel Feldman
An Interview With Kate Feldman & Joel Feldman
Omega: What do you consider a healthy relationship? Kate and Joel: A healthy relationship includes: mutual respect and care; willingness to listen and learn from one another; ability to empathize and put oneself in the others’ shoes; willingness to be self-introspective and look at one’s own faults; willingness to go within and soften whatever personal barriers one has toward intimacy; loving/being loved; the ability to work through conflict, apologize, make amends, and say “I’m sorry;” humor; and compromise. More
An Interview With Barry Michels and Phil Stutz
Omega: Can the Tools help you get your tween or teen to do something, like clean up their room or do their homework? More
Working Your Edge: An Interview With Elizabeth Gilbert, Part 2
An Interview With Elizabeth Gilbert, Part 2
Omega: You have a very disciplined approach to your writing, but your meditation practice has ebbed and flowed. What is the growing edge in your spiritual practice?  Elizabeth: I keep trying. I really do. I kind of feel like the smoker who has quit 90 times, but I have optimism that one of these days I'm going to get it. More
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An Interview With Tara Brach
We seem to have an uneasy relationship with the body in Western culture. We are especially averse to pain, discomfort and aging. How can we learn to be compassionate and more at home in the body regardless of our physical condition? More
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Being Black in Buddhist Community
There is no doubt in my mind that Buddhism is a religion. It has rituals, traditions, schools, and hierarchical structures. However, Buddhist philosophy, in its purest form, is just a set of principles to help you become awake to the life that you have so that you can live it more completely. If we go back to the original ideas and strip away the extras, if we take the “ism” out of what a brother named Buddha taught, then it's no more and no less than a way of planning your life. More
Omega Institute What Are Liberating Structures? Creating a Culture of Innovation
Creating a Culture of Innovation
Earlier this year a poll showed 17 percent of employees would prefer watching paint dry to attending another meeting. Eight percent would prefer to get a root canal. Nearly half of respondents said they’d like to do anything other than sitting in your standard business check-in. More
Omega Institute The Power of Unplugging
Why You May Want to Try a "Digital Detox"
If you are interested in being more productive at work, having better relationships, sleeping soundly, and having a slimmer waistline, it might be time to unplug. Research now confirms what many of us suspected—the convenience of our mobile devices comes with an energy-draining price. The good news is we can reclaim our energy by unplugging, whether it be for a few hours before bed, the whole weekend, or longer. It's called a "digital detox," or going "screen-free," and it means you turn off your smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, and computers for a set amount of time. More
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If you would like to be broken open—if you want to pursue a Phoenix Process of the highest order—I would recommend raising children. Parenthood is a clumsy yet majestic dance in the flames. When you parent you fall in love with a person who is always changing into someone else, and whom you know will leave you. Yet most parents will say that they have never given themselves to anyone as fully as they have to their children. Parenting is a career with the crazy-making job requirement of simultaneously surrendering to and letting go of someone you love, over and over and over again. More