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Relationships: I am attracted to those people who serve my higher good. In this three-dimensional world in which we live, there is a sense that we are separate from one another and also that we meet by chance. This is an illusion. The people in our lives are drawn to us and are here for a reason. It is through sharing experiences and having relationships with others that we begin to understand ourselves.  More
Omega Institute Embrace Life at Every Stage
In 1900, the average life expectancy was less than 50 years old. The U.S. Census Bureau now predicts that by 2020 the average life expectancy will be close to 80 years old, and many people will live beyond that. While life spans are increasing, there is an ever-growing media culture that seems obsessed with anti-aging, as evidenced by the growing promotion of anti-aging creams and diets, and attention to celebrities who “defy” their age. More
Omega Institute Ready for Your Third Act? Jane Fonda on How to Thrive Past Midlife
Jane Fonda on How to Thrive Past Midlife
Oscar winning-actress and activist Jane Fonda says the “third act,” those extra 30 years past midlife, is not just a footnote. In this talk filmed at TEDx Women, she likens these years to a staircase. Jokingly, she admits that while it may seem like getting older makes it harder to climb stairs, she points out that our human spirit continues to climb upward even while the body might be declining. More
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Empowerment & Follow Through
My advice is just usually my mom's good advice recycled. I feel more comfortable just redispensing her advice because I know it came from her Grandma. I know it's been tested, it's got deep legs. It's a home remedy. We know how to make apple butter. I'm not doing your new fangled fancy culinary molecular advice here, this is advice you know grandma to grandma to granddaughter to granddaughter that got passed on. More
Omega Institute Sharing Memories of Place: Creating a New Family Tradition
Creating a New Family Tradition
Land has memory. Just walking along a road you can often see the remaining marks of past land use. Here in the Northeast you can see the patterns of agriculture in stone walls, once boundaries of fields and property, now running through woodlands—an impression of past economy and past society. Recalling with a critical and cataloging eye the landscapes of our youth, as well as the current landscapes we live in, can be a useful tool to assess the natural world and to help ground us in it. More
Omega Institute You Are the Key to Your Relationships: An Interview With Kate Feldman & Joel Feldman
An Interview With Kate Feldman & Joel Feldman
Omega: What do you consider a healthy relationship? Kate and Joel: A healthy relationship includes: mutual respect and care; willingness to listen and learn from one another; ability to empathize and put oneself in the others’ shoes; willingness to be self-introspective and look at one’s own faults; willingness to go within and soften whatever personal barriers one has toward intimacy; loving/being loved; the ability to work through conflict, apologize, make amends, and say “I’m sorry;” humor; and compromise. More
An Interview With Barry Michels and Phil Stutz
Omega: Can the Tools help you get your tween or teen to do something, like clean up their room or do their homework? More
An Interview With Elizabeth Gilbert
Omega: You have a very disciplined approach to your writing, but your meditation practice has ebbed and flowed. What is the growing edge in your spiritual practice?  Elizabeth: I keep trying. I really do. I kind of feel like the smoker who has quit 90 times, but I have optimism that one of these days I'm going to get it. More