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Omega Institute Water Is the Heart of Sustainable Development
Water flows through everything we do as humans. Our lives and livelihoods depend on it, all of us, even if it’s not often enough in the front of our minds. Which is where World Water Day comes in.  Water Is Key to Sustainable Development More
Omega Institute Can Photography Save Our Planet?
Cristina Mittermeier, founder of the International League of Conservation Photographers, explained in an interview with Mother Nature Network how the field came into being. “When I was starting my career as a nature and cultural photographer I was surprised by how little interest most nature photographers had in conservation an More
Omega Institute Nature Nurtures Spirituality & Environmentalism in Kids
You’ve probably heard that kids today spend far less time outdoors than they did two decades ago—it's probably true for you, too. According to studies, American kids spend half as much time outside today as they did in the 1990s, and more than a quarter of British children spend less than 30 minutes a week (that's less than 5 minutes a day) outdoors. More
Omega Institute The Resurgence of Local Currency
A Grassroots Way to Create Lasting System Change
It’s well-established that spending money at locally-owned businesses keeps money circulating in the community to a greater degree than money spent at national chain stores or online outlets. More
Omega Institute In Service of Sustainability: Developing a Practice of Caring for Others & the Earth
Developing a Practice of Caring for Others & the Earth
It seems that all religions include teachings on how to be of service to the world and how to care for each other. For Hindus, karma yoga is the yoga of action and selfless service. Christians are encouraged to love one another and bear each others' burdens (Galatians 6:2). Muslims have the concept of īthār, or "preferring others to oneself." The Torah instructs Jews to love their neighbors (Leviticus 19:18). The Dalai Lama, a voice for the global Buddhist community, says, "My religion in kindness." What does this have to do with sustainability? Everything. More
Omega Institute Oysters Return to New York Harbor
New York City was once the oyster capital of the world. With more than 350 square miles of oyster beds in New York Harbor, it's estimated that at one point New York contained half of the world's oysters. Just about 100 years ago, the last of this abundant resource was deemed too polluted to eat and the oyster slipped out of our diet and into history books. More
Omega Institute "The Best Field Trip Ever!": Elementary School Students’ Letters to Omega
Elementary School Students’ Letters to Omega
Omega Center for Sustainable Living Where We Go From Here 2014 resource guide
Where We Go From Here: Building the Collaborative Commons
Robert "Skip" Backus, Omega CEO and Founder of the Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL)Laura Weiland, Assistant Director, Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL)Bios: Robert “Skip” BackusLaura WeilandWebsite: Omega Center for Sustainable Living More
Omega Institute Inspirational Moments From the 2014 OCSL Conference
Where We Go From Here: Building the Collaborative Commons
Omega Institute 4 Ways to Deepen Your Connection With Nature
Deepening your connection to nature doesn't mean you need to find a remote patch of wilderness and spend weeks living off the land while sleeping in a lean-to. It doesn't mean that you need to devote so much of your free time to being outside that it becomes a part-time job. More than anything, deepening your connection to nature requires cultivating awareness and attention. Here are four practices you can do anywhere, even if the most natural place you have access to is a city park. 1. Pay Attention to Place More