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Core Staff Jobs

Rhinebeck, New York

Core Staff: Core Staff live off campus and support Omega in a variety of managerial and administrative positions. These are year-round, salaried jobs with a full benefits package, including health and dental insurance.

Temporary and Hourly Staff: Temporary and hourly staff live off campus and support Omega in a variety of administrative tasks for an hourly wage. These positions do not include benefits.

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Omega Institute "The Best Field Trip Ever!": Elementary School Students’ Letters to Omega
Elementary School Students’ Letters to Omega
World Toilet Day, on November 19, intends to raise awareness about the 2.5 billion people in the world who do not have improved sanitation, as well as the one billion people who are forced to defecate in the open because of this. More
Omega Center for Sustainable Living Where We Go From Here 2014 resource guide
Where We Go From Here: Building the Collaborative Commons
Robert "Skip" Backus, Omega CEO and Founder of the Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL)Laura Weiland, Assistant Director, Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL)Bios: Robert “Skip” BackusLaura WeilandWebsite: Omega Center for Sustainable Living More
Omega Institute Inspirational Moments From the 2014 OCSL Conference
Where We Go From Here: Building the Collaborative Commons
Omega Institute 4 Ways to Deepen Your Connection With Nature
Deepening your connection to nature doesn't mean you need to find a remote patch of wilderness and spend weeks living off the land while sleeping in a lean-to. It doesn't mean that you need to devote so much of your free time to being outside that it becomes a part-time job. More than anything, deepening your connection to nature requires cultivating awareness and attention. Here are four practices you can do anywhere, even if the most natural place you have access to is a city park. 1. Pay Attention to Place More
Omega Institute Nature Meditation 101
What: During nature meditation, you focus on one or more of the following: the sights, sounds, smells, or even the taste or feel of nature. Although nature meditation is typically performed outdoors, there are also nature-themed guided visualizations you can do indoors. More
Omega Institute Forest Bathing
The Healing Potential of a Walk in the Woods
Spending time outside is instinctive and intuitive. After all, we evolved in tandem with the natural world, though most of us—especially Americans—don't spend much time there anymore. But as anyone who heads out for a walk or travels into the countryside for a weekend knows, being outdoors makes us feel good. More
An Interview with David W. Orr
Omega Institute Measuring Our Success as a Society
Moving Beyond the GDP
The saying "what gets measured, gets managed" is the business equivalent of the idea that our thoughts shape our reality. We can also apply the concept to society: how we measure our success (what we pay attention to) indicates what we value, and that in turn shapes our culture and civilization. What are we currently paying attention to? How are we measuring our success? And do we want to measure (pay attention to) something else if we want to create a more inclusive, equitable, just, and ecologically sustainable society? More
Omega Institute Millet-Cauliflower Soup by Frances Moore Lappé
A Classic Vegetarian Recipe
Makes 2 quarts. More