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Omega Center for Sustainable Living

The Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL) demonstrates and teaches what is possible through regenerative design. Our award-winning building, Eco Machine™, and innovative educational programs offer visitors and students a path toward a sustainable, just, resilient, and regenerative future where people and nature work side-by-side to build a better life for all.

Educating Kids for Our Future

Deepening Sustainability in Schools August 12-14

Handcrafted Herbal Body-Care

With Dina Falconi September 16-18

Permaculture Teacher Training for Women

With Lisa DePiano and Pandora Thomas August 21-26

The Regenerative Human July 29-31

With Thought Leader Carol Sanford

Sacred Gathering of Elders September 11-16

A Prayer for the World With Indigenous Grandmothers