Environmental Stewardship

Omega Institute's Rhinebeck campus is located on 250 acres in New York's historic Hudson Valley. It is a wonderful place to get in touch with nature and discover what sustainable living is all about. Our environmental stewardship of the campus serves both Omega and our local community, which is well-known for its natural beauty, farms, vibrant art communities, and cultural innovation.

We strive to follow organic landscaping practices in maintaining the wooded trails, lawns, and gardens on our campus. Long Pond Lake, a central feature of the campus, provides many opportunities for recreation and protects the endangered northern cricket frog, as well as Blanding's turtles, a threatened species.

The Eco Machine™ at the heart of the Omega Center for Sustainable Living is a sustainable solution to Omega's old septic system and exemplifies Omega's commitment to environmental stewardship. Using net zero energy and zero chemicals, it purifies all of Omega's wastewater by mimicking nature's purification process. The Eco Machine™ is also an essential step in a process that allows Omega to use water in a closed hydrological loop: we draw water from deep wells that tap a natural aquifer beneath campus; use the water in sinks, toilets, and showers; naturally reclaim the water with the OCSL's Eco Machine™; and release the purified water back to recharge the aquifer, where the process can begin again.

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Environmental Stewardship
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