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Omega Center For Sustainable Living Programs

Each year, the OCSL offers educational opportunities for students, teachers, activists, contractors, architects, elected officials, and many others. Register for one of our programs, view our community calendar of events, or visit the OCSL and learn about regenerative design with a tour of the Eco Machine™.



June 9-11
Gifts from the Forest
Growing Food & Medicine While Tending the Woods
Steve Gabriel


July 2–28
Ecological Literacy Immersion Program
Designing for Our Regenerative Future: A 4-Week Certificate Program
Laura Weiland, Connor Stedman, Abrah Dresdale, Dave Jacke, John Todd, Steve Gabriel, Pete Muñoz, Deb Habib, Ricky Baruc, Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTreesMatt Kolan and more

July 7-9
Grow Food Everywhere
For Great Health & Community
Ricky BarucDeb Habib

July 9-14
Moving Beyond Our Stories
Practice Healing Our Divisions
Vinny Ferraro, Pam Dunn

July 14-16
Food Forestry for Your Backyard
Dave Jacke

July 16-21
Regenerative Design for Changemakers
Creating a Plan for Personal & Professional Resilience
Abrah Dresdale, Keith Zaltzberg

July 28-30
Visual Systems Thinking
Graphic Facilitation for Capturing Complex Stories
Erin Sanborn


August 4-6
Sustainability Education Conference
A Regional Gathering for Educators & Community Leaders
Jaimie Cloud, John Henry, Laura Weiland, Heather McCall, David Levine and more

August 6-11
Educating for a Sustainable Future
The Cloud Institute's Curriculum Design Studio
Jaimie Cloud, Koh Ming Wei

August 18-27
Designing Educational Ecosystems
A 9-Day Permaculture Teacher Training
Dave Jacke, Chris Jackson, Kim Almeida


September 8-10
Preserving Our Edible Bounty 
How to Can, Pickle, Process & Dehydrate 
Marisa McClellan

September 10-15
Story of Place Course Immersion
A 9-week online practitioner training led by Regenesis Group, with a 5-day in-person immersion at Omega.
(Course cohort limited to 20 participants)

September 17-22
Sacred Gathering of Elders 
A Prayer for the World with Indigenous Grandmothers  
Mary Lyons (Ojibwe), Flordemayo (Maya), Moitu Taha (Maori), Eila Paul (Maori), Pershehi Ami (Hopi), Devi Tide (Sufi), and more

September 17-22
In Fields, Woods & Watery Places  
A Nature-Based Sketching & Journaling Retreat
Mary Anne McLean

September 29-October 1
Seed Stewardship for Everyone
Ken Greene

October 6-9
Handcrafted Herbal Body-Care
Make Your Own Personal Care Products 
October 8-13
A Lineage Project Immersion
Serving Vulnerable Populations With Yoga & Contemplative Practice
October 13-15
Teachers and course offerings are subject to change.