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Recirculating Sand Filter & Dispersal Fields


Step 6: Recirculating Sand Filter

From the aerated lagoons of the Eco Machine™ at the OCSL, the water is sent to a recirculating sand filter. There, sand and microorganisms absorb and digest any remaining particulates and small amounts of nitrates that may still be present, and provide a final "polishing" to the water. After the water has moved through the recirculating sand filter, it meets advanced wastewater standards and is as clean as water from your kitchen faucet at home. However, due to state regulations, we cannot use the water for potable purposes.

Step 7: Dispersal Fields

After the water has been through the recirculating sand filter, it is pumped to two dispersal fields under Omega's parking lot, each about the size of a basketball court. In the dispersal fields, the reclaimed water is released back into the groundwater table, located below the surface. The reclaimed water is further purified by nature as it trickles down to the aquifer that sits 250-300 feet beneath campus.

With this final step in the Eco Machine™ process at the Omega Center for Sustainable Living, Omega completes a closed hydrological loop in our water use. We draw water from deep wells that tap the aquifer; use the water in sinks, toilets, and showers; naturally reclaim the used water with the Eco Machine™ at OCSL; and release the purified water back to the aquifer, where the process can begin again.