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Women Serving Women Summit

The Women Serving Women Summit is part of Omega Service Week, a retreat grant program. Our Summit provides support to nonprofit organizations working to positively impact the lives of women through a two-day, two-night self-led retreat on Omega’s Rhinebeck campus in the Hudson Valley.

Teams of staff and board members come to work and rest, and return to their efforts replenished and invigorated. Organizations use their retreat time in a variety of ways: developing strategies; cultivating leadership; deepening connections; discussing challenges; and identifying solutions.

By coming together in a supportive environment with other organizations, nonprofits experience unique opportunities to network, develop paths for future collaboration, and become part of the community of OWLC change leaders.

The Summit includes simple accommodations, meals, meeting space, access to campus amenities, and the opportunity to participate in the Organizational Development Clinic, a free one-hour consultation with Omega’s Service Week partner, the New York Council of Nonprofits (NYCON).

Nonprofit can apply to come on their own or for the Multiple Organization Track. Any travel expenses are the responsibility of the participating organizations.

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