Vision & Purpose


We envision women’s leadership advancing a future where: 
Women are valued for their full human potential, live in safety, equality and freedom, and can express themselves and contribute meaningfully in all spheres of life;
Men are free to express the full range of human qualities and share equitably with women in life’s responsibilities and joys;
Our global society fosters nurturing and mutual relationships, healthy families and communities, and a peaceful, just, and sustainable worldfor everybody.


The Omega Women's Leadership Center aspires to:

Promote women’s leadership by convening, inspiring, and training women to lead from their own authentic voice, values, and vision.
Create a power and leadership paradigm shift, from “power over” to “power with” others.
Foster a balance between masculine and feminine principles, both of which are essential to creating a more just and sustainable world.
Advance an integrated approach to personal growth and leadership by developing both inner strength and skills for action in the world.
Develop the multiple human intelligences of mind, body, heart, and spirit as essential for effective women’s leadership.
Cultivate an informed awareness, historic memory, and global understanding of the context and experiences of women’s and girls’ lives.
Facilitate skillful alliances across age, race, class, gender, and nation.
Support women and girls to recognize and increase their strength; develop their leadership skills; and validate their emotional intelligence and compassion.
Help women and girls overcome family and cultural traditions that label power and ambition as unfeminine.
Provide an evolving, dynamic curriculum.
Model the values that the OWLC imparts.