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Financial Well-Being

Gaining Wisdom, Balance & Joy


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In this online course for women, increase your fluency and comfort with the role that money plays in your life, regardless of the amount you have.

Manisha Thakor discusses her passion for financial education and women's economic empowerment.

In this dynamic, self-guided online course for women, you dramatically increase your fluency and comfort with the role that money plays in your life regardless of the amount you have. 

Money can stir up a wide range of emotions—including shame, confusion, and fear. Those strong emotions are compounded by the taboo nature of talking about money; the absence of formal personal finance education; and systemic barriers based on gender, race, and class.

Learn both financial and emotional tools and tactics to move you toward financial well-being—defined as experiencing calmness, clarity, and confidence around your personal finances. 

Hands-on learning includes video, written content, and interactive discussions. No mind-numbing jargon or unnecessary multisyllabic words allowed!

Through a series of 10 modules, you:

  • Describe healthy money habits, cash flow, debt and risk management, credit scores, and investing with ease
  • Examine your money story to improve your relationship with money
  • Apply finance and investing principles to encourage financial stability and growth
  • Learn skills for speaking with loved ones about financial habits, goals, and decisions

Course online


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Financial Well-Being

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