Q: Who should apply for a seasonal role at Omega?
 We seek people at all stages of life who are professional, are committed to providing exemplary work or service in support of our mission, and who model Omega’s values – Holism, Community, Sustainability, Service, and Integrity. 

Beyond the skills and physical abilities needed for all seasonal roles at Omega, we look for individuals who believe in lifelong learning, who can get along well with others, and embrace the principle of giving compassionate service as a means for personal growth.

Q: What does “service” mean at Omega?
 Originally, envisioned by Ram Dass (who was an early board member) as a “School for Service,” the program was designed to offer personal and professional development opportunities, where individuals could practice service as compassion in action. Through providing professional customer service and compassionate service, we learn about ourselves, others, and the world.

  • Professional customer service is an act of doing. It requires each of us to anticipate and provide for the needs of others, embody a level of expertise specific to one’s job function, and follow a set of standards that ensure a quality experience. 
  • Compassionate service is equally important, and is a way of being. It means truly caring about another’s experience and it requires us to be fully present and engaged in every interaction. 

Joining Omega offers endless opportunities to explore this unique kind of service.

Q: How long is the Omega season and when can I apply?
Omega’s workshop season runs from April to October, throughout which we have positions available in our various seasonal roles (see below). Omega’s Service Corps program runs from mid-May through early October.

Applications open at the beginning of January and are available on a rolling basis until the end of the season for any open positions.

Q: What types of seasonal roles are available?
We have four primary seasonal roles that make up Omega’s Seasonal Team:

  • Residential Seasonal Staff – work full-time (35 hours per week) for six months, between late-April through the end of October, while living on campus in provided housing. These positions receive a compensation package that includes a wage, indoor housing, three delicious meals per day at our mostly vegetarian Dining Hall, and access to Omega’s team member benefits. Various jobs are paid at various rates. All compensation packages are at least equivalent to the New York State minimum wage.
  • Non-Residential Seasonal Staff – live off campus and work during the season. These positions receive an hourly wage, one complimentary meal at Omega’s Dining Hall during their shift, and access to Omega’s team member benefits. Various jobs are paid at various rates. All compensation packages are at least equivalent to the New York State minimum wage.
  • Service Corps – offer service up to 28 hours per week and bring their own tent (and overhead tarp) to live in – Omega provides tent platforms. A minimum one-month commitment between mid-May and early October is requested. These positions receive three delicious meals per day at our mostly vegetarian Dining Hall and access to Omega’s team member benefits. Beyond these, no monetary compensation is provided.
  • Volunteers – live off campus and offer volunteer hours in a limited number of positions. Volunteers receive one complimentary meal at the Dining Hall during their shift and are able to participate in community classes, events, open classes, sampler classes, and evening performances. These individuals also have access to Omega’s library, tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts, gardens, hiking trails, and the lake. Beyond these benefits, no monetary compensation is provided.

See department descriptions below.

Q: What are the seasonal departments?
 Positions are available across a variety of departments which support the essential functions of Omega's campus.

  • Audio/Visual - provides audio/visual setup/breakdown and live recording of workshops, conferences, and evening events
  • Omega Store - sells books, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, clothing, and yoga and meditation supplies
  • Maintenance - handles most mechanical and plumbing needs across campus and grounds
  • Dining Hall - provides front-of-house customer service as part of a full-scale food operation 
  • Omega Café - serves snacks, drinks, sweets, and a limited menu
  • Housekeeping - cleans program participant accommodations and all public bathrooms on campus
  • Production - responsible for the setup and breakdown for every class, event, and workshop
  • Permaculture/Garden - maintains Omega’s garden, landscaping, and other permacultural projects
  • Wellness Center - provides a welcoming and relaxing environment for guests to enjoy wellness services, ex. massage, facials, energy work
  • Campus Support - manages the arrivals/departures of participants, welcoming and helping people with their luggage - often the first people participants meet 
  • Children's Program - creates fun and meaningful experiences for the children, ages 4–12 years 
  • Guest Services - assists participants with accommodations support, directions, travel questions, special needs, and phone messages 
  • Lifeguard - maintains safe environment for all who use the Long Pond Lake beach 
  • Reception - greets, orients, and checks in all arriving participants

Q: How are position assignments made?
We do our best to place individuals in each department according to their professional skills and Omega’s operational needs. People often come with professional skills in specific areas and, if there are no openings in departments that use such skills, we will do our best to find a suitable alternative. While everyone is assigned to a specific department, at times individuals are asked to assist other departments when needed. All seasonal roles at Omega require flexibility and a commitment to service.

Q: Am I eligible to work, serve, or volunteer at Omega?
 You must be eligible to work in the United States and will be required to submit documentation verifying your identity and legal right to work in the United States upon arrival at Omega. This applies to all positions, including Service Corps members and volunteers. Omega does not provide visa sponsorship of any kind.

Q: Can I bring my pet with me to live on campus?
 Although Omega is filled with many animal lovers, we do not permit pets to live on campus.

Q: Is Omega an ashram, religious institution, or spiritual center?
 Omega represents a variety of holistic disciplines and is not oriented toward one spiritual tradition. Omega welcomes and honors all spiritual paths. While some individuals are devoted to a personal spiritual practice, others are not. We ask everyone to be welcoming, accepting, and tolerant of diversity in all its forms.

Q: Will I find people on a similar life path to mine?
Omega is comprised of individuals of all backgrounds who are committed to giving through service as a way of deepening personal growth and who believe in lifelong learning, for themselves and others. If this is the path you are on, you will find others to share ideas and knowledge with and to make new friends.