Daily Energy Medicine Routine

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By Dondi Dahlin

Take a break with Dondi Dahlin as she leads Omega participants through the official Daily Energy Routine that is designed to improve your energy, vitality, and health throughout the day.

These nine easy and fun exercises were developed by Dondi's mother, renowned energy medicine practitioner Donna Eden, from her nearly four decades of working with people around the world. Less than 10 minutes of daily practice can help reduce pain, ease digestion, boost immunity and metabolism, and increase focus and clarity.

In this uplifting video, created for Omega members, Dondi demonstrates each of the nine exercises. Here's a quick guide if you want to return to one of them.

  1. The Four Thumps, tappingfour acupressure points for energy and vitality, digestion, immunity, and metabolism. Starts at 1:30.

  2. Crossover Shoulder Pulls, to improve energy flow and help prevent illness. Starts at 3:05.

  3. The Cross Crawl, a hand-to-opposite-knee march for more energy. Starts at 3:50. 

  4. Wayne Cook Posture, a crossed hands and legs exercise that helps calm emotions and improve fuzzy thinking. Starts at 4:15. 

  5. Third Eye, pyramid hands raised to Third Eye position to move long-stuck energy. Starts at 6:00.

  6. Crown Pull, to increase lymph and blood flow. Starts at 6:30.

  7. Connecting Heaven & Earth, to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Starts at 8:00.

  8. The Zip Up, tracing the body’s central meridian for increased confidence. Starts at 9:30. 

  9. The Hook Up, to calm the nervous system in face of anxiety, fainting, or panic attacks. Starts at 10:15.

These classic exercises are a foundation for increased vitality and well being and can be combined with other Donna Eden energy exercises to meet your individual needs. Enjoy!

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