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The Healing Voice

With Jill Purce • October 6-8

Shamanic Reiki Healing

With Stacey Gibbons and Jonathan Hammond • July 28-30

Bringing Yoga to Military Communities

With Elizabeth Corwin • August 11-13

The Way of Story

With Catherine Ann Jones • September 17-22

Workshops, Conferences & Retreats

The Omega Institute offers more than 350 workshops, retreats, and conferences every year. Each one is designed to inspire, educate, and connect you to new ideas and people. From large conferences to intimate workshops to professional trainings, the diversity of our programs allows us to confidently say there is something for everyone. To make it easy for you to find what you're interested in, we have organized our workshops into six different learning paths: body, mind, and spirit; health and healing; relationships and family; creative expression; leadership and work; and sustainable living.

Upcoming Workshops

07/28/2017 to 07/30/2017
Level One

Shamanic Reiki blends the timeless wisdom of two ancient healing traditions with new approaches and practical teachings.

We are all capable of practicing Reiki, and in this highly experiential weekend we practice simple, yet powerful,...

07/28/2017 to 07/30/2017
Find & Live Your True Nature

Basic mindfulness begins by calming, focusing, and observing your mind. In effortless mindfulness, you learn to shift immediately into a state of open-hearted, awake awareness. By practicing effortless mindfulness, you discover a deep...

07/28/2017 to 07/30/2017
Discover the Wisdom That Waits in Your Heart

“To have any chance of knowing joy, we must love everything in the way.” —Mark Nepo

The gift and practice of being human centers on the effort to restore what matters and make good use of our heart. The path to love and truth...

07/28/2017 to 07/30/2017
Graphic Facilitation for Capturing Complex Stories

When facilitating a conversation, meeting, or event, the ability to listen on multiple levels, capture what surfaces from the group, and serve it back in a way that reflects the emerging story is crucial. Visual Systems Thinking combines the...

07/28/2017 to 07/30/2017

This workshop has been cancelled.

With all of life’s busyness, it can be hard for mothers and daughters to slow down and spend time with each other. Our girls are growing up so fast, and just when we think we know who they are, they change and mature some more.

This mother...

07/28/2017 to 07/30/2017

The practice of yoga nidra is a pathway to meditation. In order to go beyond concentration, thoughts and perceptions of the sensual world must first be dissolved. Once the waking, intellectual mind ceases its usual activity, true meditation can...

07/28/2017 to 07/30/2017
Michael Craft
A Lab for Teachers, Writers & Workshop Producers

Omega Institute opened in 1977 in rented facilities, with only a 2-week season and two dozen programs. Since then, Omega has grown exponentially to become one of the nation’s largest and most influential nonprofit holistic learning centers.

07/28/2017 to 07/30/2017
How to Unlock Your Inner Genius

This workshop has been cancelled.

We all encounter roadblocks, barriers, and obstacles in life. It’s easy to become stuck in habits and routines. But what can we do to get unstuck?

Learn to activate the right side of your brain to unlock the insights necessary to break...

07/28/2017 to 07/30/2017
A Healing System to Change Your Life

Are you ready for an exuberant, deeply restorative, and life-changing experience? Dance Your Bliss™ is a powerful psychotherapeutic healing system that connects us to our best selves.

Untreated emotional pain is carried in our bodies and...

07/28/2017 to 07/30/2017
Understanding the Connection Between Twins

This workshop has been cancelled.

In the last three decades, the rate of twin births has increased 76 percent, creating a need for deeper understanding of the unique experience of twins.

Many twins share a deep connection, but they also struggle to establish a separate...



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