08/11/2017 to 08/13/2017
Eva Tenuto
New Perspective Leadership

Guided by TMI Project directors Eva Tenuto and Sari Botton, we explore significant experiences in a new light. By writing about them boldly as compelling personal monologues we take back our power and clear space for more impactful leadership....

08/11/2017 to 08/13/2017
An Exploration in Creativity

Although creative beings are known to manifest beautiful art, the ultimate work of art is the life we live. Regardless of whether you consider yourself to be a creative person, this workshop reveals the simple truth that nurturing our creative...

08/11/2017 to 08/13/2017

We all arrive on this earth with a karmic blueprint that sets the course for the soul’s experiences, relationships, and lessons we are here to learn. What is karma and do our actions alter the course of our soul—in this life, previous lives,...

08/13/2017 to 08/18/2017

Are you seeking fulfilling relationships with friends and family, a satisfying career, and a healthy, vibrant, joyful existence?

In this 5 day immersion, master medium and spiritual teacher James Van Praagh shares insights gleaned...

08/13/2017 to 08/18/2017

Lynda Barry and Dan Chaon have been teaching together for the last four years. Together they have developed a set of writing exercises that are part of their forthcoming book,Workbook 52.

This workshop is about a way of creating a...

08/13/2017 to 08/18/2017
Zindel Segal
A 5-Day Professional Training for the Prevention of Depression Relapse

This workshop is by application only. Please submit your materials according to the directions on this page.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is an innovative group program designed to prevent relapse in people who have recovered from unipolar depression. Based on the research of Drs. Zindel Segal, John Teasdale, and Mark Williams, and...

08/13/2017 to 08/18/2017
A 5-Day Total Transformation Retreat

The Gabriel Method™ is a holistic, mind-body approach to weight loss that focuses on addressing and eliminating the root causes of obesity.

Stress, emotional issues, inflammation, poor digestion, toxins, dysfunctional beliefs...

08/18/2017 to 08/20/2017

Learn to develop or expand your personal meditation practice with the founders of the Holistic Life Foundation—Ali Smith, Atman Smith, and Andres Gonzalez.

Explore topics such as finding time to meditate with modern schedules, creating a...

08/18/2017 to 08/20/2017
A Couples Relationship Workshop

“People are complex,” says Stan Tatkin, developer of a Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy® (PACT). “We don’t come with manuals that automate the process of getting along.”

Even if we did have general manuals, we aren’t robots:...

08/18/2017 to 08/25/2017
Bobby McFerrin
7-Day Inclusive Workshop

Please call Omega at 877.944.2002 to register for this workshop.

“Music is powerful. It’s a spiritual art. It goes right to the heart and to the mind. Artists have a huge responsibility to feed the soul good things, positive things.”
—Bobby McFerrin

Enter the circle for a life-changing...