07/23/2017 to 07/28/2017
Advanced Clinical Workshop & Refresher Course

In this advanced Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) workshop you have the opportunity to refresh your EMDR technique, review protocols and procedures, consult on difficult cases, watch demonstrations, and practice EMDR in small...

07/23/2017 to 07/28/2017
Shapeshifting Into Rooted Consciousness

Yogis are modern-day shamans, medicine men and women, and healers. Through yoga practices we can tap into our own inner ecology and experience ordinary magic through the elements on and off the mat. But how do we expand this awareness into the...

07/23/2017 to 07/28/2017
Inhabiting the Body, Moving the World

Come celebrate your life as a living source of energy, knowledge, and creativity in the Somatic Movement Immersion.

By deepening into somatic-based presence, we awaken the power of our own well-being in service to creating a more...

07/23/2017 to 07/28/2017

Kriya yoga is a practical method for attaining the higher, non-physical stages of yoga. In order to practice the 20 kriyas, you must first become familiar with several techniques that enable the spontaneous transition into Cosmic Consciousness....

07/23/2017 to 07/28/2017
Ann Kristin Lindsay

As spiritual beings in physical form, we naturally yearn to create and connect with our inner and outer world. Drawing and painting flowers with watercolor is a way we can experience, feel, and know the soul in a sacred world.

In this...

07/23/2017 to 07/28/2017
Bringing New Clarity to Contemporary Leadership

The future is uncertain. As the pace of change continues to accelerate and we are flooded with more information than ever before, it becomes increasingly difficult to take decisive action. As leaders it is critical that we learn how to strengthen...

07/28/2017 to 07/30/2017
Level One

Shamanic Reiki blends the timeless wisdom of two ancient healing traditions with new approaches and practical teachings.

We are all capable of practicing Reiki, and in this highly experiential weekend we practice simple, yet powerful,...

07/28/2017 to 07/30/2017
Find & Live Your True Nature

Basic mindfulness begins by calming, focusing, and observing your mind. In effortless mindfulness, you learn to shift immediately into a state of open-hearted, awake awareness. By practicing effortless mindfulness, you discover a deep...

07/28/2017 to 07/30/2017
Discover the Wisdom That Waits in Your Heart

“To have any chance of knowing joy, we must love everything in the way.” —Mark Nepo

The gift and practice of being human centers on the effort to restore what matters and make good use of our heart. The path to love and truth...

07/28/2017 to 07/30/2017
Graphic Facilitation for Capturing Complex Stories

When facilitating a conversation, meeting, or event, the ability to listen on multiple levels, capture what surfaces from the group, and serve it back in a way that reflects the emerging story is crucial. Visual Systems Thinking combines the...