08/05/2016 to 08/07/2016
Marge Piercy

Your life story is your most valuable asset, but do you know how to share it? Can you overcome your inner censors and keep writing in the face of frustration? How do you begin to tell a story that took so many years to live?

08/05/2016 to 08/07/2016
Awaken to the Deep Wisdom of the Earth

Nature surrounds us and is always there to welcome us into the web of life. But how can we truly connect and communicate with nature?

08/05/2016 to 08/07/2016
Michael Carroll
Making a Living and Living a Life

Most of us spend the majority of our day working or thinking about work. Often, our jobs can feel like an unruly journey—sometimes exhilarating, other times discouraging, creatively fulfilling, or tragically toxic.

08/05/2016 to 08/07/2016
Anastasia Higginbotham
How to Keep Kids Whole

This workshop has been cancelled.

Even the most conscious uncoupling can be overwhelming for parents and confusing for a child.

08/05/2016 to 08/07/2016
Les Stroud
Reconnecting to the Earth

“I have made it my mission to help people understand the importance of the environment and how it affects their lives. It’s about reconnecting with the Earth.” —Les Stroud

08/05/2016 to 08/07/2016
Mel Bucholtz
Resolving Stressful Emotions

This workshop has been cancelled.

Imagine you could find relief from emotionally charged issues and restore yourself to a place of balance within minutes.

08/05/2016 to 08/07/2016
Rachel Fleischman
A Healing System to Change Your Life

Are you ready for an exuberant, deeply restorative, and life-changing experience? Dance Your Bliss™ is a powerful psychotherapeutic healing system that connects us to our best selves.