06/11/2017 to 06/14/2017
Cultivating Our Whole Selves

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International Leadership Association's (ILA) 3rd Biennial Women and Leadership...

06/15/2017 to 06/18/2017
The Art of Creating Your Life As You Want It

Spend a weekend with kindred spirits who long for more creative and meaningful lives. Experience transformative breakthroughs as you laugh, cry, dance, draw, and play together, all the while compassionately exploring seven areas of your life:...

06/16/2017 to 06/18/2017

We all have a unique gift and were put on this earth to share it. What is yours?

Purpose—that thing that gives us a clear reason to get up in the morning—is in each of us, just waiting to be unlocked. Based on the new edition of his...

06/16/2017 to 06/18/2017
Enrich Your Soul With Lessons From the Afterlife

To achieve self-love, self-respect, and self-worthiness you must first start by becoming aware of yourself and your soul.

Join two of today’s most electrifying teachers—psychic medium John Holland and near-death survivor Anita Moorjani—for...

06/16/2017 to 06/18/2017

Imagine living your life immersed in divine energy and experiencing the power and intelligence that creates and expands this universe. Divine energy is the source that supports all creation, including your individual, unique expression.


06/16/2017 to 06/18/2017
Reflect Your Ideal Creative Self

Mosaics have been around for at least 4,500 years but are enjoying a modern Renaissance.

Learn firsthand the appeal of this enduring medium as you create your own mirror mosaic using glass, jewels, seashells, and quirky repurposed objects...

06/16/2017 to 06/23/2017
A 7-Day Professional Training Retreat

Inspired by the vision of a more awakened and compassionate world, for 38 years the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School has pioneered Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction...

06/18/2017 to 06/23/2017
The Painting Experience

Explore the world of spontaneous creation—a transformative journey into the unexpected where no rules apply.

In this expressive painting workshop, everyone is a beginner. Whether you are a veteran painter or are picking up a paintbrush for...

06/18/2017 to 10/29/2017
A 10-Month Professional Coaching 
Certification Program

Please call Omega at 877.944.2002 to register for this workshop.

140 Total Hours:
83 In-Person
57 Teleclass

In-Person / On-Campus Dates:
June 18-23
August 4-6
September 8-10
October 27-29

“In Coaching for Transformation,...

06/23/2017 to 06/25/2017

Real and lasting change can happen when we commit to health as a lifestyle. Exercise, whole foods, and the right mindset is a combination that leads to a vibrant, productive, and full life when we focus on being the best we can be.