09/10/2017 to 09/15/2017
Practices for Physical & Emotional Transformation

As millions of people in China have already discovered, there is a powerful, natural way to address health conditions and stimulate inner healing for living a happy, healthy life.

Immerse yourself in a healing retreat with qigong master...

09/10/2017 to 09/15/2017

From the earliest known mosaic (the 4,500-year-old Standard of Ur in modern day Iraq) to the flourishing contemporary art scene, mosaics have had an important place in public and private art.

Discover for yourself the historical beauty of...

09/15/2017 to 09/17/2017

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Pema Chödrön is widely beloved for her insightful, down-to-earth teachings of Tibetan Buddhism for Western audiences. In this weekend retreat, hear for the first time her wisdom teachings coming out of a yearlong sabbatical of contemplation and...

09/22/2017 to 09/29/2017
A 7-Night Silent Retreat With Adyashanti

There is a measureless reality that the mind has not created or imagined. In fact we live in it day to day, often without any conscious recognition of its presence. Even as we seek out this greater reality, all of our seeking occurs not outside...

09/29/2017 to 10/01/2017
7 Relationship-Building Skills for Leaders Today

Research confirms what many of us already feel in our hearts—that a sense of connectedness with others is the single greatest predictor of longevity, health, and happiness. Connecting effectively is also the most important personal and business...

09/29/2017 to 10/01/2017

Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR), created by recovery specialist Nikki Myers, is a relapse prevention program that combines the principles of the 12-step program, the trauma healing methods of Somatic Experiencing, and the body-based approaches...

09/29/2017 to 10/01/2017
A 30-Day Healing Protocol for Women

We can reclaim our life experiences without taking antidepressants, says holistic women’s health psychiatrist Kelly Brogan. In this workshop Brogan offers a download of her work on depression and anxiety, as well as the real deal on medications...

09/29/2017 to 10/01/2017
ken greene photo

Seeds are living beings. They are storytellers that can teach us about generosity, compassion, and resilience in the face of adversity. Seeds are time travelers, and can whisper to us about our ancestors, the present moment, and future...

10/03/2017 to 10/05/2017

Please call Omega at 877.944.2002 to register for this workshop.

Omega is pleased to welcome John of God (João Teixeira de Faria) back to our campus in Rhinebeck, New York. This is a special opportunity to experience one of the world’s most revered spiritual healers and mediums from Brazil, where John of God...

10/06/2017 to 10/08/2017
9 Healing Factors to Change Your Life

Thousands of people have overcome cancer against tremendous odds, but their stories are too often kept quiet.

New York Times best-selling author Kelly Turner studied 1,500 cases of radical remission—people who had complete...