08/27/2017 to 09/01/2017

The Enneagram is a profound map for journeying from fixated personality to psychological wholeness and spiritual liberation. It provides an integral approach to healing, growth, and development through a time-tested, powerful system.


08/27/2017 to 09/01/2017

Imbalances in the body are often a result of outdated emotional beliefs and behavioral patterns that no longer support your current dreams and aspirations. Learn to bring balance back into your body and rejuvenate your life in this 5-day...

08/27/2017 to 09/01/2017
Dawson Church
Level 1 & 2 Professional Training

Emotional trauma is associated with many diseases, including cancer, anxiety, heart disease, depression, and diabetes. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) releases traumatic memories by using special acupressure points, along with advanced...

08/27/2017 to 09/01/2017
A Retreat for Those With Chronic Illness, Grief & Wounding

What if you could easily tune into the wisdom of the body and understand clearly what you need to heal physically, emotionally, and energetically? What if you had access to the deep intuition of your energetic field to learn what you need to...

08/27/2017 to 09/01/2017

If you are called to help others but you do so at the cost of your own health and well-being, it is time to break that habit. Radical self-care is not selfish or narcissistic, nor does it ask you to give up on your calling. It actually amplifies...

08/27/2017 to 09/01/2017
An Intensive Training for Health Professionals

This 5-day experiential training covers the application of traditional tai chi and qigong for health and healing. We explore the relationship between specific movements and the body organs and systems. Special focus is given to the clinical needs...

08/27/2017 to 09/01/2017
Lisa Schwarz
Comprehensive Resource Model Training

Healing from a traumatic experience requires a certain amount of safety. One must step into the fear, feel it fully, and reorient themselves to their experience.

Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM), created by Lisa Schwarz, is a therapeutic...

09/01/2017 to 09/04/2017
The Yoga of Voice

Join us for our 13th annual Ecstatic Chant retreat, one of the most popular events at Omega. A remarkable opportunity to experience some of the Western world’s leading devotional singers, this inspiring weekend nourishes the soul with a rich...

09/04/2017 to 09/05/2017

This special Labor Day Ecstatic Chant takes place on Monday, September 4, from 2:30 p.m. to midnight, and includes performances by Krishna Das, Deva Premal & Miten, Jai Uttal, and Manose.

Tuition for...

09/04/2017 to 09/08/2017
Unleashing the Wise Woman Within

As a woman it’s your time to rise up, trust your intuition, tap your potent power, tell your truth, and surrender to your true nature.

Join spiritual leader Rebecca Campbell for a deeply nourishing, uplifting, and soul-stirring week of...