09/23/2016 to 09/25/2016
Carol S. Pearson
Discover the Wisdom of Persephone Rising

The pressures of family, work, friends, and society present unprecedented challenges to contemporary women.

09/23/2016 to 09/25/2016
Katherine Woodward Thomas
Transform Your Core “Love Identity” Beliefs

Many of us are challenged when trying to find a loving, happy, healthy, and long-term committed relationship because it would literally be outside our identity to be loved, supported, nourished, safe, and valued by a person we love and respect.

09/23/2016 to 09/25/2016

Meditation for Beginners provides a survey of meditation techniques to start the beginner and refresh the experienced meditator.

09/27/2016 to 09/29/2016

On-site accommodations are sold out. Registration is open to commuters only. Register for one or more days; tuition is $179 per day.

09/30/2016 to 10/02/2016
Barbara De Angelis
Transform Your Life From the Inside Out

Join Barbara De Angelis, best-selling author and renowned transformational teacher, for this uplifting and profound experiential weekend that will help you make the emotional and spiritual shifts you’ve been longing to make.

09/30/2016 to 10/02/2016
Amy Novatt

How often in our current medical model do we get to be in a room with caring healers and longtime medical professionals who cherish women’s stories and honor our intuition and experience?

09/30/2016 to 10/02/2016
Nikki Costello

A chakra, or wheel, is an energy center that spins with intensity and purpose.

09/30/2016 to 10/02/2016
James Van Praagh
Manifest your Deepest Potential

Your soul is infinitely powerful. It contains eternal wisdom that can help you manifest magic and transform your life.

09/30/2016 to 10/02/2016
Tom Francescott
Discover Your Personal Path to Wellness

Omega Wellness Weekends are the perfect opportunity to do what you have promised yourself for years: Take a break and dedicate some quality time for your health, healing, and happiness.