06/30/2017 to 07/02/2017

The greatest promise offered by the ancient mind-body practice of qigong is that we can heal our own pain and suffering. Refined for millennia, this Chinese meditative exercise system focuses on absorbing and cultivating life-force energies,...

06/30/2017 to 07/02/2017
Tom Francescott
Discover Your Personal Path to Wellness

Omega Wellness Weekend is the perfect opportunity to do what you have promised yourself for years: Take a break and dedicate some quality time for your health, well-being, and happiness.

For 40 years, Omega has offered holistic wellness...

06/30/2017 to 07/02/2017

In this Advanced Songwriting workshop with Grammy-nominee Jimmie Dale Gilmore, we further explore songwriting as a tool for self-discovery, building on insights and techniques drawn from the Songwriting workshop. The interaction and strong...

06/30/2017 to 07/02/2017
Pam Grout
Connecting to the Field of Infinite Potentiality

Is there really an invisible energy force in the universe that has your back? Do your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations impact this force, and can you get guidance by connecting to it?

Join Pam Grout—author of the international best...

06/30/2017 to 07/02/2017
Kelley Kosow
Break Through to Emotional & Spiritual Freedom

“Our shadow is a divine map that reconnects us to the life we were meant to live and the people we were meant to be.” —Debbie Ford

Although the human psyche has been explored by the greatest intellects, most of us still live in...

06/30/2017 to 07/02/2017
If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story

Would you like to be able to speak powerfully about what really matters to you? Do you want to be able to show up in a way that is authentic and true to who you are without techniques that feel phony and contrived?


06/30/2017 to 07/02/2017
A Channeled Workshop in Conscious Transformation

Psychic and empath Paul Selig leads this intimate, channeled weekend workshop where you work directly with his guides and their practical program toward achieving personal growth and overcoming the obstacles that hinder you from moving forward in...

06/30/2017 to 07/02/2017
Teachings From A Course in Miracles

You can live a miraculous life, even in a world that is often filled with stress and fear. The most powerful way to navigate the outer world is to know you are not really of that world. When you base your self-perception in spirit rather than...

06/30/2017 to 07/02/2017
7 Universal Laws of Infinite Success

The path of a yogi goes far beyond practicing physical postures. Yogi Cameron, author of The Guru In You and The One Plan, has distilled the seven universal laws of Vedic wisdom into an accessible daily practice that enables us...

06/30/2017 to 07/02/2017
Inspiring Compassion for Your Personality Type

This workshop has been cancelled.

Everyone has unique personality traits—endearing to some and perhaps not so endearing to others—and yet we all long to find peace and acceptance for who we are why we’re here.

Re-ignite your purpose and passion in life while making peace...