06/16/2017 to 06/18/2017
Michael Craft
Restoring Your Life Force

Tai chi chuan is a system of beautiful, flowing movements used by millions of people around the world as a graceful, meditative exercise. Qigong is an ancient mind-body system for cultivating our natural energy. Both systems foster deep awareness...

06/16/2017 to 06/18/2017
Discover the Secret Language of the Heart

Music is a powerful transformational tool that can alleviate specific illnesses, reverse negative mindsets and attitudes, dissolve creative blocks, and improve your overall health. Award-winning producer Barry Goldstein shares transformational...

06/16/2017 to 06/18/2017
Hank Wesselman
An Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

The rediscovery of shamanism has emerged as a major component of the modern world’s spiritual reawakening. This experiential, introductory weekend with shaman, author, and anthropologist Hank Wesselman grants us direct access to the techniques...

06/16/2017 to 06/23/2017
A 7-Day Professional Training Retreat

Inspired by the vision of a more awakened and compassionate world, for 38 years the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School has pioneered Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction...

06/18/2017 to 06/23/2017
The Painting Experience

Explore the world of spontaneous creation—a transformative journey into the unexpected where no rules apply.

In this expressive painting workshop, everyone is a beginner. Whether you are a veteran painter or are picking up a paintbrush...

06/18/2017 to 10/29/2017
A 10-Month Professional Coaching 
Certification Program

Please call Omega at 877.944.2002 to register for this workshop.

140 Total Hours:
83 In-Person
57 Teleclass

In-Person / On-Campus Dates:
June 18-23
August 4-6
September 8-10
October 27-29

“In Coaching for Transformation,...

06/18/2017 to 06/23/2017

For many of us, drawing seems to be a mysterious process, reserved for the few who are “talented,” but work based on the best-selling book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Dr. Betty Edwards has debunked this myth and proved that...

06/18/2017 to 06/23/2017
Buddhism & the 12 Steps

Deepen your recovery in this intensive 5-day retreat that works the Twelve Steps through the lens of Buddhist teachings and practices.

Using Kevin Griffin’s Buddhism & The Twelve Steps Workbook as a framework, we explore...

06/18/2017 to 06/23/2017
How to Make Yoga Your Spiritual Practice

Yoga is not one-size fits all. Learn to think outside the box and walk a path that’s uniquely yours while maintaining a connection to the powerful traditions of this ancient practice with the Kaivalya Yoga Method.

Guided by Alanna Kaivalya...

06/18/2017 to 06/23/2017
Annie Okerlin
Practices for Comfort & Ease

This workshop is by application only. Please submit your materials according to the directions on this page.


Application is required; apply early, as enrollment is limited and spots fill quickly. Full tuition for this retreat is $395; scholarships are available to cover all but $75 of the total cost.
Apply without...