06/10/2016 to 06/12/2016
Lynda Barry
An Arts-Based Approach to Academic Writing

Looking for creative ways to bring new life to your research, writing, or academic papers?

06/10/2016 to 06/12/2016
Megha Nancy Buttenheim

The Wild and Wise Women Let Your Yoga Dance® Festival is coming to Omega! The fifth annual multigenerational goddess gathering is where wild and wise women of all ages come together to enjoy each other’s power and grace.

06/10/2016 to 06/12/2016
Lewis Mehl-Madrona
Celebrate Your Story in Word & Song

This workshop has been cancelled.

We often find meaning in our life when we share our story with others. But how do we tell our story in a way that captures everything it means to us?

06/10/2016 to 06/12/2016
Madan Bali
Be the Architect of Your Future Wellness

Tap into your internal pharmacy and learn how to heal from the inside out, pill-free.

06/10/2016 to 06/12/2016
Daniel Orlansky
The Art of Energy Flow

When our meridian channels are blocked, we feel stagnant and out of sorts. By opening the pathways that allow prana to flow, we bring harmony, lightness, and joy to our being.

06/10/2016 to 06/12/2016
Linda Aranda Belliveau

For more than three decades, with continuous adaptation and updates to meet the needs of changing times, the Opening the Heart Workshop™ has helped thousands of people heal from emotional wounds, build healthier relationships, move through difficu

06/12/2016 to 06/17/2016
John Holland
A 5-Day Intensive Mediumship Training

Discover and explore your ability of mediumship with two dynamic spiritual mediums, John Holland and Lauren Rainbow.

06/12/2016 to 06/17/2016

The workshop is part of our Yoga Therapy initiative. Learn more.

06/12/2016 to 10/23/2016
Richard Michaels
A Professional Coaching Certification Program

Do you long to work closely with people and strive to make a difference in the world?

06/12/2016 to 06/17/2016
Shauna Ries
Leading With Emotional Courage

There is nothing like that “aha” moment when we suddenly understand someone else’s perspective. In fact, it is a crucial step in cultivating empathy, an essential connection tool that is more important than ever in today’s world.