10/21/2016 to 10/23/2016
Michael Bernard Beckwith
Evolutionary Technology for Finding Your Highest Purpose

How will you use this singular treasure of life that you have been given? What is the purpose of the unique blend of skills, gifts, experiences, and perspectives that you alone possess?

10/21/2016 to 10/23/2016
Nicolas David Ngan
Creating Bliss in Your Everyday Life

Hidden inside your birth name is a blueprint for living a more blissful life. Unlock the truth of your Soul Contract and release your full potential with this ancient system of numerology.

10/21/2016 to 10/23/2016
Sil Reynolds
Keep Your Bond Strong Through the Teen Years (Ages 13-15)

Join a vibrant community of mothers and daughters, and take time to slow down, nourish your relationship, and have some fun.

Jack Kornfield
A 1-Day Training for Meditators & Psychologists At the New York Society for Ethical Culture*

“The Buddha said many times that just as the great oceans have but one taste, so do all the true teachings of the dharma: the taste of freedom.”—Jack Kornfield