07/30/2017 to 08/04/2017
For Kids Ages 10-17

Please call Omega at 877.944.2002 to register for this workshop.

Experience the joy of making music under the expert direction of music educator and indie rock musician Karla Schickele and friends. New and experienced rock ‘n’ rollers have the chance to build confidence, find their unique voice, and make noise...

07/30/2017 to 08/04/2017
Melissa Bowe
A Role-Playing Adventure for Teens Ages 12-17

This workshop is sold out. Please call Omega registration to be placed on a waiting list at 877.944.2002.

The Wayfinder Experience combines sports with play, rugged adventure with imaginative role-playing, and problem solving with creative expression. During this journey, you are given the opportunity to cooperatively play, dance, act, and choose for...

08/04/2017 to 08/06/2017
Free Your Instinctual Knowing

Nature is alive and intelligent. But you don’t have to isolate yourself in the wilderness to connect with that spark of wild wisdom that flows through us all.

In this experiential workshop, renowned shamanic teacher Llyn Cedar Roberts...

08/04/2017 to 08/06/2017
Mary K. Greer
Five Approaches to Reading the Cards

Join five world-renown​ed​ professional tarot readers, authors, and teachers as they share proven methods of reading tarot for themselves and others. Watch experienced professionals practicing their art and then work with other participants to...

08/04/2017 to 08/06/2017
A Brain Performance Training

This workshop has been cancelled.


At age five, Jim Kwik suffered a brain injury that impaired his ability to learn. What would take most students minutes to comprehend took him hours, months, or even years. He struggled to retain information and keep up in...

08/04/2017 to 08/06/2017
Jaimie P. Cloud
A Regional Gathering for Educators & Community Leaders

This workshop has been cancelled.

Here in the Hudson Valley—with our fertile land, clean water, and emerging local economy—we are uniquely poised to transition away from unsustainable social, economic, and environmental practices to a more regenerative way of life. A large...

08/04/2017 to 08/06/2017
A Wild Life Sanctuary™ Dance Jam

Sacred dance is one of the most ancient transformative rituals. From the whirling dervish, to the waltz, to the rave, it is a practice of joy, cleansing, and clarity—guided by wisdom that transcends the thinking brain.

Follow your body and...

08/04/2017 to 08/06/2017
Sleep as a Spiritual Practice

You spend about a third of your life asleep, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use that time for psychological growth and self-discovery. Lucid dreaming is a practice of conscious sleeping that allows you to tap into the wellspring of wisdom that...

08/04/2017 to 08/06/2017

Most of us experience relationship injuries, perhaps from an unfaithful partner, an alcoholic parent, or an ungrateful child. Learn the profound, life-affirming, healing process called acceptance, which allows you to make peace with your...

08/04/2017 to 08/06/2017
Reckoning & Reconnecting

It’s time to reimagine a path of healing, reconnect with beloved community, and manifest true justice. Radical dharma (“complete truth”) is a way to enter the conversation about how the legacy of racial injustice and white supremacy plays out and...