07/02/2017 to 07/28/2017
Robert "Skip" Backus
Designing for Our Regenerative Future: A 4-Week Certificate Program

This workshop is by application only. Please submit your materials according to the directions on this page.

Solving today’s challenges requires ecological literacy—an understanding of the patterns and principles that underlie all living systems. Using the framework of regenerative design—a whole system, place-based approach to problem solving that...

07/07/2017 to 07/09/2017
A Path to Freedom

Do you experience pain or discomfort in your shoulders, neck, lower back, hips, or knees? You are not alone. These are the top five most commonly injured areas of the body.

Learn from Jory Serota, an orthopedic bodyworker and Iyengar-...

07/07/2017 to 07/09/2017
Claude Stein
Find Your True Voice

Join master voice teacher Claude Stein to celebrate the magnificent power of song. For those who already sing, or just want to begin, this program provides a wonderful, safe place to find and unleash your true voice and sing your heart open. We...

07/07/2017 to 07/09/2017
Warren Farrell

This workshop has been cancelled.

Our inability to handle personal criticism from loved ones is a common Achilles’ heel. The more deeply we are in love, the harder it is to handle. Soon, couples feel they are walking on eggshells, unable to express themselves honestly, and...

07/07/2017 to 07/09/2017
Ricky Baruc
For Great Health & Community

Is there anything more important to health and survival than what you eat? In a world plagued by social ills, disease, and hunger, we can all play a role in transforming our lives and communities toward greater health and abundance with fresh,...

07/07/2017 to 07/09/2017
An Adventure in Self-Discovery

Face and overcome your fears. Break through mental, emotional, and physical blocks. Take yourself to the edge and leap beyond your comfort zone with the flying trapeze.

Led by the Trapeze-Experience™ team, this popular workshop is an...

07/07/2017 to 07/09/2017

Energy Healing is an expression of our infinite connection to divine life force and divine imagination. When these divine forces move through us, they bring healing, wisdom, and the ability to fully express our soul’s higher purpose.


07/07/2017 to 07/09/2017
Priscilla Bright
A Brennan Healing Science Workshop

Developed by Barbara Brennan, best-selling author of Hands of Light, Brennan Healing Science is one of the most comprehensive approaches to energy healing and human transformation—as well as the source of one of the oldest and largest...

07/07/2017 to 07/09/2017

Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant, and Astrological Nadir are the “Four Angles” of the horoscope. Mastering their interpretation provides us with a solid underpinning for our understanding of the natal chart. In this weekend workshop, astrologer...

07/07/2017 to 07/09/2017

It may seem hard to believe, but a pain-free life is possible. Spine surgeon David Hanscom has helped thousands of people move out of chronic physical and emotional pain with his multilayered, patient-directed approach. Pediatric surgeon Bernie...