07/17/2016 to 07/24/2016
Jennifer Cohen Harper
Children’s Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training

The workshop is part of our Yoga Service initiative. Learn more.

07/17/2016 to 07/22/2016
Sierra Bender
Unleash Your Wild & Passionate Nature

Join Sierra Bender, best-selling author and creator of Goddess to the Core® and BootCamp for Goddesses®, for a high-spirited week of primal fun, passion, pampering, and adventure.

07/17/2016 to 07/22/2016
abrah dresdale photo
Regenerative Design Tools for Self, Sites & Society

Regenerative design is transforming the way we inhabit and shape the physical landscape.

07/17/2016 to 07/22/2016
A Creative Guide to Awakening Your Psychic Awareness

Intuition is a gift that offers us the opportunity to embrace a higher vibrational awareness, guiding us toward others on the same soul path, and helping us live our lives from the heart.

07/17/2016 to 07/22/2016
Alok Hsu Kwang-han
Zen Creativity & the Art of Life

Making art is a way to rest in the spaciousness of your being, become intimate with not knowing, and allow your creativity to dance from emptiness.

07/17/2016 to 07/22/2016
Nayaswami Gyandev McCord
Practical Tools for Spiritual Living

Paramhansa Yogananda, charismatic author of the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi, was instrumental in bringing yoga to the West.

07/17/2016 to 07/24/2016
Kofia Busia
A 7-Day Workshop

Celebrating his 30th year teaching at Omega, Kofi Busia leads us on an exploration of how to live a wise and fulfilled life through yoga as a physical and spiritual darshana (Sanskrit for view, or system), and as a way to be in the world.

07/22/2016 to 07/24/2016
Emily Large

The workshop is part of our Yoga Therapy initiative. Learn more.

07/22/2016 to 07/24/2016
Gloria Feldt
Changing How We Think About Power

Are you a woman who wants to make more progress in your leadership work, opportunities, and compensation, but after reading hundreds of career advice articles, still feels like you’re missing the key ingredients for success?

07/22/2016 to 07/24/2016
Suzi K. Edwards
Imagine Your Creative Path

From the earliest known mosaic (the 4,500-year-old Standard of Ur) to the flourishing contemporary art scene, mosaics have had an important place in public and private art.