06/24/2016 to 06/26/2016

Reiki is one of the most popular and widely recognized forms of energy healing in the world.

06/24/2016 to 06/26/2016
Hank Wesselman
A Weekend Intensive

As gatekeepers of the invisible realms, shamans tend to have a special relationship with one of the elemental spirits through which specific gifts may be conveyed.

06/24/2016 to 07/01/2016
Right Here, Right Now

In the midst of your fast paced life, you can learn to be happy, healthy, and peaceful. You don’t have to leave the world behind and run off to a cave to learn mindfulness and reduce stress.

06/24/2016 to 06/26/2016
Tony Horton

Real and lasting change can happen when we commit to health as a lifestyle. Exercise, whole foods, and the right mindset is a combination that leads to a vibrant, productive, and full life when we focus on being the best we can be.

06/24/2016 to 06/26/2016
Marisa McClellan
How to Can, Process, Infuse & Dehydrate

There are so many misconceptions about home canning and preserving these days. It’s hard. It’s expensive. It requires a ton of sugar. You need a lot of specialized equipment.

06/24/2016 to 06/26/2016
Tom Francescott
Discover Your Personal Path to Wellness

Omega Wellness Weekends are the perfect opportunity to do what you have promised yourself for years: Take a break and dedicate some quality time for your health, healing, and happiness.

06/24/2016 to 06/26/2016
Pilar Alessandra
From Idea to Script

Whether you’re starting with a new idea or working on an adaptation, this screenwriting intensive with Pilar Alessandra takes you from the premise to the page.

06/24/2016 to 06/26/2016
Richard Borofsky
A Retreat for Couples

Love grows by continually deepening and becoming ever more mindful, authentic, vulnerable, safe, resilient, playful, compassionate, and wise.

06/24/2016 to 06/26/2016
Create the Work & Life You Love

Do you sense another life path calling to you? Do you crave rich, meaningful work or expression? Do you ache to take your creativity and contributions into the world—and get paid for it?

06/24/2016 to 06/26/2016
Jeremy Youst
Use the Power of Breath to Help Yourself & Others

Breath awareness and conscious breathing are powerful somatic tools that bridge the mind-body gap and can amplify and increase the effectiveness of any number of therapeutic and healing techniques.