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Veterans, Trauma & Treatment
Best Mind-Body Practices

October 17-19
Course 5702-951

Continuing education credits available

Tiered Pricing Options: Friend: $460 Tier 1: $385 Tier 2: $310 Tier 3: $235


For many years, Omega has supported individuals, veterans, and family members dealing with post-traumatic stress. The life-altering effects of post-traumatic stress often find expression in homelessness, domestic violence, addiction, suicide, and other issues at great cost to individuals, families, and our society. The scale and depth of the crisis calls for new approaches to treatment, a fact recognized by the United States Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration, which now actively support many mind-body modalities ranging from yoga to mindfulness practice.

This special conference, designed for health-care professionals, brings together experts in the treatment of veterans’ trauma who use complementary and alternative medicine, and also includes leaders in resilience studies. Throughout the weekend, keynote lectures, panel discussions, and concurrent workshops explore complementary and alternative mind-body treatments of veterans’ trauma.

Each year, the Veterans, Trauma & Treatment conference builds on previous years’ events and offers the most current professional perspectives. In this third annual conference, we delve deeper and explore leading-edge information on the same mind-body modalities that the military is currently exploring as a complement to traditional drug and talk therapy. It is intended for health-care professionals, psychologists, social workers, caregivers, and counselors working with veterans who suffer with post-traumatic stress, along with their families.


Capt. Paul Anthony Halladay
Col. (ret.) E.C. Hurley, PhD, LMFT
Bessel van der Kolk, MD
Maj. Susan Lynch, JD, E-RYT
Gabor Maté, MD
Capt (fmr) Elizabeth A. Stanley, PhD
Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Loree K. Sutton, MD
Rev. Claude AnShin Thomas
Capt. (Ret.) Richard Welton, MD, PhD
Charles R. Kennedy, PhD
Laurie Leitch, PhD
Beryl Bender Birch, E-RYT
and more