workshop Rhinebeck, NY

The Embodied Voice


Jul 19–21, 2024


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The Brothers Koren

Come home to your embodied voice, reclaim your power and joy, and expand your creative expression with The Brothers Koren.

Isaac and Thorald Koren give a lesson on how to find your voice when you feel anxious or scared.

Come home to your whole body instrument, and discover your unique sound.

We believe singing and speaking are radical acts of self-expression, and that exploring your instrument with full freedom takes tremendous courage. We also believe intentional vocalization creates immeasurable vitality and joy in our lives and empowers our whole body experience of life itself. From our own experience, the only way to greatness is in your ability to "dare to suck."

Over this weekend, we set a safe space for you to reclaim your power and connection to your body while grounding into the gravity of your whole body instrument, and sounding out powerfully what it feels like to be you and alive.

The benefits are clear—whether speaking at a conference, raising your voice at work, speaking your truth to a loved one, teaching a class, or singing in an arena—we see it all as one center of personal gravity, held deeply in the embodied voice you've been gifted in this lifetime. We want you to have a direct and lasting experience of your own voice over the course of this weekend.

The Embodied Voice workshop will be filled with fun and safe vocal toning, for beginners and professionals alike. No matter what your level of experience, there is no prior knowledge of singing required.

With more than 40 years of combined experience as artists, coaches, and voice leaders, as brothers, we like to forego performing and welcome experience as our methodology. We forego comparison and embrace an inner path to reclaiming a new relationship to our own voice, as an instrument of your soul and connection to the Earth and spirit.

So often we are taught with the methodology of starting with a measurable result, with competition and comparison as the benchmarks for success.

We want to invite you lovingly in through an entirely different doorway. We invite you to see that you are incomparable, unmistakable, fascinating, and wholly distinct as a voice. We invite you to experience your soul's voice through a fun and embodied practice of self-expression, union, and communion.

The good news is, there is no prior experience, recommended reading, or any preparation in advance of this course—all the ingredients are already in place. Your willingness and curiosity are all that is required.

Things to Bring

Bring a notebook and pen.

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jul 19–21, 2024

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The Embodied Voice

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  • Isaac Koren

    Isaac Koren is a musician and singer committed to serving transformation through creative expression...

  • Thorald Koren

    Thorald Koren is a voice and behavioral coach, writer/producer, and multi-instrumentalist.