workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Freedom From Chronic Pain

A Mind-Body Approach

With Nicole Sachs.

Jun 23–28, 2024


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Nicole Sachs teaching at Omega

Discover how the release of repressed emotions can lead to a mind-body transformation and free you from chronic pain.

Attendees talk about their healing experience at Nicole Sachs' Freedom From Chronic Pain workshop.

Understanding the mind-body connection is key to freeing ourselves from the protective mechanism by which the brain and nervous system create chronic pain.

When repressed emotions are allowed to surface, the body settles into an equilibrium that eliminates pain signals sent in a fight or flight mode.

Guided by Nicole Sachs and her guest instructors, you discover how to invite these repressed feelings to rise, and bring on a mind-body transformation. Through discussion, group work, meditation, art therapy, non-linear movement, and other healing practices, you establish a bedrock foundation for long-lasting wellness.

More Information

Faculty recommends you read the following book in preparation for the course:

  • The Meaning of Truth: embrace your truth. create your life. by Nicole Sachs

Things to Bring

  • A notebook and pens and pencils
  • A drawing pad and crayons/cray-pas (optional)

Workshop Rhinebeck, NY

Jun 23–28, 2024

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Freedom From Chronic Pain

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  • Nicole Sachs

    Nicole Sachs, LCSW, is a psychotherapist dedicated to the treatment of chronic pain and conditions.