Anodea Judith

Anodea Judith

Anodea Judith, PhD, is a somatic therapist, yoga teacher, global workshop presenter, and bestselling author

Judith is a musician, artist, poet, avid gardener, priestess, mother, and grandmother whose pioneering work has changed lives and is working toward changing the world. An internationally recognized teacher, healer, and writer/speaker on the intersection of personal and collective awakening, Judith’s passion for helping others realize their potential coincides with a deep concern over an impending humanitarian crisis that we may not “wake up in time” to prevent.

Judith holds master’s and doctoral degrees in psychology and health, is an experienced registered yoga teacher (500-hour E-RYT), and is also a therapist with lifelong experience studying somatic psychology, sociology, mythology, mystic spirituality, history, and systems theory. She is best known for her revolutionary work involving the revival of the chakra system of ancient yoga, particularly in her recognition of its profound correlation to human psychology, cultural evolution, and the downward process of manifestation.

Judith’s best-selling, award-winning books are recognized across the globe, with over 1 million books printed in 18 different languages. She is a highly revered presenter, whose empowering live workshops not only inform participants but also change their lives. Judith offers trainings for a range of professionals from therapists and yoga teachers to business and community leaders, and also provides transformative techniques for those on the path of awakening. She is also a global presenter in online workshops and summits. An inspirational and captivating keynote speaker, Judith’s illustrative, animated slideshows are like movies, with hopeful messages and no need to mince words about these challenging times.

Judith’s central vision is that our evolutionary challenge is to learn to create Heaven on Earth.  This will take a miracle, but she believes it is the initiatory challenge of humans learning to wield the power of gods.

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