Asha Frost

Asha Frost

Asha Frost (she/her) is an Indigenous medicine woman, author, and founder of Sacred Membership, a global online medicine circle community. She has served thousands of people for the past two decades in her work in private practice as a healer, homeopath, teacher, and leader, and has studied with many medicine people, elders, and guides. 

Impacted by intergenerational trauma, colonization, and oppression, Asha has journeyed to reclaim and remember her roots and medicine teachings. Through this work, she has loved seeing people find their own healing wisdom, presence, and power. 

She says, “My journey has been about walking alongside my South Asian Kin as they speak up about oppression and colonization. I support them in healing from the damage of the appropriation of Yoga in the West. I honor their lived experience, their wisdom and their voices.” 

Asha’s book and oracle deck will be published by Hay House in 2022 and 2023.

Asha Frost at Omega