Brialle Ringer

Brialle Ringer is a holistic health coach and racial equity partner who integrates her degree in social work, background in yoga, and a healing justice framework to approach health and wellness. As a scholar-activist in college, her work has been recognized by the National Association of Social Workers as the Michigan NASW Diversity Scholar, and was awarded the Eastern Michigan University Evan Strand Diversity Award. Continuing to advocate for social justice through meaningful dialogue, she partners with Living Room Conversations to support their Talking About Race initiative.

In her company, Be Well with Brialle, she aims to make wellness accessible and culturally relevant with her program, The Black Women's Healing Fund, offering scholarships to support Black women getting free, for free. In her signature course, Gettin’ Free: The Journey Within, she facilitates a journey of self-discovery and holistic healing using yoga, chakra education, open discussion, and plant-based nutrition. Brialle believes that our personal transformation is an integral piece of collective liberation and that when we heal ourselves, we heal the world.